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Precinct Commander wants surveillance cameras at Northern Blvd/80th Street following Stabbings

Brian Hennessy

Brian Hennessy

March 17, 2016 By Michael Florio

The 115 Precinct wants surveillance cameras to go at the intersection of Northern Boulevard and 80th Street following a number of violent incidents.

Deputy Inspector Brian Hennessy, the commanding officer of the 115th Precinct, put in the request to NYPD headquarters this week after two stabbings took place at the intersection on Saturday night.

“Criminals don’t like to see cameras or lighted areas,” Hennessy said.

The NYPD will look into Hennessy’s request and decide whether they are needed. There is no timetable for when the NYPD will come to its determination.

Hennessy said the precinct will also beef up its surveillance of the intersection the old fashion way. He said the precinct will increase its presence there.

“There will be an additional uniform presence and there will additional plain clothes units as well,” he said.

On Saturday, two suspects approached a 15-year-old boy at the Northern Boulevard and 80th Street intersection at 7 p.m. and asked if he was a member of the ABK (Always Banging Kings) gang, according to Hennessy.

When the boy responded, “No,” the two men stabbed the boy once in his torso and cut his dog across its back.

The suspects then fled on foot northbound on 80th Street, according to the NYPD.

second stabbing occurred near the same spot two hours later. A man stabbed a 23-year-old in the back with a sharp object after the victim said he was an ABK gang member, according to police.

The suspects were looking to harm ABK members. “The first victim was not a gang member, the second was.”

On February 1st a man was struck with a flashlight at this intersection.


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Gourmet Deli 80-01 That’s the place where all gang members hang out because he sell beer to any age and sells loose cigarettes and drugs he got arrested too couple of times but still he is doing same thing .That place should shut down.I Hope NYPD take this Seriously


What type of scum cuts a dog. Its always nice that NYC takes away my first amendment right to bear arms. Would be nice to put a bullet in the scull of this coward .


Its about time. There are to many bars and beleive me most of the patrons are not of age to drink. You need to patrol northern blvd especially early sunday morning. 85th and 86th are the worst. Thankyou for looking into the problem. Hope it will be resolved soon.


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