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MS-13 Member in Custody After 90th St Station Shooting, Victim Part of Rival Gang: NYPD

Police at the 90th St – Elmhurst Av Station yesterday after a shooting incident. (via Citizen)

Feb. 4, 2019 By Nathaly Pesantez

A suspect is now in police custody after yesterday’s deadly broad daylight shooting at the 90 St – Elmhurst Av station, with authorities believing that the shooter and victim in the horrific incident are connected to the MS-13 and 18th Street gangs, respectively.

Ramiro Gutierrez, 26, was arrested earlier today according to police, less than 24 hours after the midday incident at the Manhattan-bound 7 train platform that saw a 20-year-old man die after multiple shots were fired at him.

Gutierrez, who is believed to be the shooter, is facing charges of murder, gang assault and criminal possessions of a weapon.

The victim, identified as Abel Mosso, was found by police with a gunshot wound to the head, and pronounced dead at the scene by EMS.

Gutierrez has been known to police for some time, and appeared under the agency’s criminal group database as an MS-13 member, said Dermot Shea, NYPD Chief of Detectives at an earlier press briefing.

Mosso also appeared under the database as a member of the 18th Street gang, known for its rivalry with MS-13.

Shea, however, said it is still too early to determine what the cause of the fight and eventual shooting was.

“We don’t know if this was a chance encounter, if they knew each other, [or] if this is the third time they’ve have a fight this week,” he said. This is [a] preliminary investigation.”

The Chief of Detectives also spoke to the graphic, viral video posted on social media that showed the dispute and shooting unfold.

“Literally, the whole dispute and shooting incident was captured on video,” Shea said, noting that neither a gun nor shell casings were recovered from the platform. The lack of shell casings, however, may mean that the gun used was a revolver.

Dermot Shea, NYPD Chief of Detectives.

At least two people, including the alleged shooter, were engaged in a confrontation with the victim as the train headed to the 90th Street station, Shea said. The dispute turned physical and spilled onto the platform after the train entered the station.

Police believe Mosso was shot at between five to six times—about the same number of shots heard in the gruesome video.

“We believe he was struck multiple times in the face, causing his demise,” Shea said.

Witnesses also told police that some talk of MS-13 was mentioned aboard the train, though Shea noted that those statements needed to be vetted.

He added that police are still searching for a second suspect in the incident, who was part of the scuffle caught on video.

The Chief of Detectives said the Feb. 3 incident is unlike what authorities have seen with MS-13 before.

“We certainly have seen violence before with this gang, but nothing I would put into this category—this egregious, middle-of-the-day on a moving train…” Shea said, later adding, “This is an aberration.”

He stressed that despite the “troubling” incident, the transit system is overwhelmingly safe, with crime hitting record lows. He said the perception of crime going up in the subways may be caused by the way crimes reach the attention of the public today.

“You see crime today like you never have before,” Shea said, adding that incidents nowadays become viral within minutes after being captured on smartphones and other devices. But incidents like the daylight shooting, he said, and even the stabbing death of Lesandro “Junior” Guzman in the Bronx have happened before.

  • Anyone with information on the incident should contact the Crime Stoppers hotline at 1-800-577-8477, or text CRIMES and then enter TIP577, or visit
email the author: [email protected]


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Three FACTS about the shooter!
1) He was an illegal immigrant
2) He had an illegal gun
3) He was a known MS13 gang member that was locked up and released 12 times.
A Border Wall, ICE or Stop & Frisk could have prevented this murder.


It’s funny how this article has no mention that he was an illegal immigrant. That NYC has a policy (as a sanctuary city) of not notifying ICE unless he’s charged with a serous crime. Therefore his arrest in December didn’t alert ICE of this guy who should’ve been deported many times over with atleast 9 prior arrests and several other police encounters such as summonses. Unbelievable!

Captain Obvious

There’s more traffic agents giving out tickets in Jackson Heights than police officers patrolling the streets .


I visited elmhurst for 1 hour and got a $35 dollar in the first 30 minutes. Time for tickets but no time for cops


to arrest this criminal…
Next the other one i hop get arrest promptly…
Time to clean roosvelt ave..
Alot garbage durin night time..thanks….


Yeah right overwhemingly safe. Last time i was heading home and 2 teenage kids were talking trash about how easy it is to just stand in the middle of the train and whip out a gun while everyone is so focused on their cell phone.

Captain Obvious

DeBlasio is a weak Mayor , he is too soft on crime , he wants to shut down Rikers Island , he doesn’t let NYPD do their job.
He can’t even control his own children.

Paul Kersey

Overwhelmingly safe? Out of touch Byford needs to ride the subway more often. What with the criminally insane, aggressive panhandlers, showtimers, thieves, and other dregs every day could be your last once you swipe your card.


A young Latino murdered another young Latino and you’re talking about “white privilege”? Let’s focus on fixing our community


I’ve started seeing graffiti all over subway stations in Jackson Heights again. They need to place undercover cops on the trains and platforms for a few months.


Where is wonderful Miss AOC now? Supporting her wonderful “illegal, undocumented, dreamers” or the taxpayers who are paying her salary? Where are more politicians such as Assembly Member Nicole Malliotakis? She voted AGAINST “dreamers” and other benefits for ILLEGALS. She was accused of being a racist and a bigot when she sided with LEGAL immigrants and taxpayers who are struggling to make ends meet. WE DO NOT need MS-13 and ILLEGALS in the US! We taxpayers should show our support for politicians such as Assembly Member Nicole Malliotakis!


Absolutely! Agree! It’s ridicoulous that this dumb mayor would support not alerting ICE and sanctuary policies. Then he wants to give illegal immigrants free healthcare too, on tax payers back (because we all know most illegal immigrants are not paying their fair share of income taxes). What a joke ?!


Trump bragged about not paying his fair share of taxes. It “makes him smart”. How does that not apply to immigrants?!


People are getting shot in broad daylight. Criminals don’t follow NYC’s strict gun laws.


This is unacceptable! A broad daylight gang related murder on the 7 train. New Yorkers need to feel safe again. I commend the NYPD on its swift response in finding the alleged shooter but violent crime has to be stopped now!


This murdering, gang member, thug was “..known to police for some time” ???
Well this is what we get from DeBlasio and Coumo and their sanctuary policies.

“Gutierrez has been , and appeared under the agency’s criminal group database as an MS-13 member, said Dermot Shea, NYPD Chief of Detectives”

Bob Jones

From eyewitness statements given to police, this guy Musso brandished a firearm during the altercation with the other men, a scuffle ensued where a scramble for the gun followed – which the video clearly depicts. One of the men picks the loose weapon up off the ground – again cleary visible in the video, then proceeds to fire point blank into Mucco’s face. In the aftermath, no sleep lost here for either of these crumbs.


The victim got killed with his own gun if we look carefully in the video we can see the shooter took the gun away from the victim

Top Hat.

Has anyone heard from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ?
She was all over neighborhood during her campaign and so were those other women that got elected. Did they forget what they said ?


We should thank our liberal politicians that are more concerned about protecting MS13 gang members, than protecting communities. Special thanks to Bill DeBlasio and the liberal City Council for keeping NY a “Sanctuary City” where foreign criminals can be safe from deportation, also thanks to our newly elected socialist politicians Alexandria Ocasio Cortes and Jessica Ramos who want to abolish ICE, so that MS13 criminals continue pouring into our neighborhoods.


Deblasio is the absolute worst NYC mayor. He is taking us back to the purse-snatching days of the 80’s.

JH resident

Where is the outrage over gang members in Jackson Heights? A lot of commenters are quick to defend an illegal alien in another article on this site, but have nothing to say about this shooting?

Typical…they defend Latinos when it fits their agenda, but are absent when Latinos are committing violent crimes.


Crime is artificially low because there is less crime being reported by police. Deblasio took away Stop & Frisk, which was a very effective policy that arrested many criminals carrying guns/drugs. In addition to that, Deblasio decriminalized many quality of life crimes such as writing graffiti, urinating/drinking in public, jumping turnstiles, etc. Today, you can walk around the streets with a gun while drinking a beer, without having to worry about cops stopping you.


Not surprised, you see the graffiti all over ( X3, 18, ABK , Sur13 , )
The hand writing is on the wall literally


Deblasio took police officers off the trains and completely stopped foot patrols. He just wants cops to hand out tickets all day so there can be less arrests & look like crime is down.


Is deblas to blame for there being literally no beat cops or foot patrols in JH for the last 4+ years? I’m not being argumentative or doubting, just looking for a reference.

As of right now, if I’m held up in the street, my savior will either be concerned pedestrians or a hoard of angry metermaids, armed with those ticket consoles. No bueno.


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