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Jackson Heights to lose street parking spaces, part of DOT’s carshare pilot

Screenshot of DOT carshare interactive feedback map

Aug. 18, 2017 Staff Report

Jackson Heights will be one of several neighborhoods in the five boroughs where the Department of Transportation will be taking away parking spaces for the exclusive use of carshare companies.

The DOT, which is launching a carshare pilot program in 15 neighborhoods this fall, is searching for parking locations in Jackson Heights and the other neighborhoods that would be best used by carshare companies.  In Jackson Heights, it’s looking for spots within a 20-block area between Northern Boulevard and Roosevelt Avenue stretching from 74th Street to 91st Street and is seeking public feedback. The agency has set up a portal for residents to weigh in on areas where the program could work through online interactive maps.

Across the city, 300 parking spaces will be taken for the pilot program. It is not known how many per neighborhood.

Jackson Heights is one of four neighborhoods in Queens that is part of the pilot. The others are Ridgewood, Jamaica and the Eastern Rockaways.


Residents will be able to park at the curb as usual, except where there is a designated carshare parking space, which will be marked by signage stating “Carshare Parking Only” and “Others No Standing” followed by the name of the carshare company using the space.

Carsharing, a service that gives members access to cars for short-term use, either by round-trip services where cars are returned to the same location (like Zipcar and Enterprise) or one-way services where users can pick up a car at one place and drop it off at another (like Car2Go), is a focus for the city for a variety of reasons, including the improvement of local air quality through less driving, and less personal cars on the street overall.

The DOT’s effort comes after a March 2017 bill that requires the agency to establish a carshare pilot program.

For more information, visit the DOT Carshare Pilot landing page. To access the interactive map, click here.

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Robert LaPollo

Once again de Blaio is taking a payoff to give priority parking spaces to his corporate homeboys. Why dont they have special parking for the handicap.


It’s already no parking space here in Jackson height area n one more head ache from gov. We every day struggle to find parking spot in this area n now. Hope this vill not happen n need to reconsider.


We need progressive ideas that don’t screw the neighborhood people. Parking is a nightmare already. Why should some big business make money renting cars with guaranteed parking! We pay the taxes and the few spaces available are ours.

Geri Godat

We need progress ideas that don’t screw the neighborhood people. Parking is a nightmare already. Why should some big business be able to make money renting cars with guaranteed parking. We pay the taxes and the few spaces available our ours.


Been living in JH for 10 years. Parking just gets worse every year thanks to ride share apps like uber, Lyft, and green medallion cabs. My block is full of T######## license plates. It’s not even about more residence buying cars. It’s the dramatic increase of commercial vehicles taking up parking spots and clogging streets. Want to make this pilot work. Then offer to purchase residence’s vehicles (cause in theory, they won’t need personal cars anymore) and exclude livery cars within the pilot area to free up parking spots.

James J McLoughlin

DOT and city officials need to realize that business dynamics have changed radically in Jackson Heights since the advent of online shopping and the preference for stay-at-home services. Whereas previously 90% of deliveries were to the stores on the avenues, there is now far more delivery activity on the residential streets. Yet, there has been virtually no change in parking allocation to accommodate this seismic shift.
Answer: Create several short-term activity-based parking spots on each residential street and avenue so that vendors can pick up and deliver goods from the curbside and people no longer have to enter and alight from double parked cars in the middle of the road. This means we have to stop giving every available space on the streets to people who can park all week for free except for a few hours on the day the street is cleaned. Why should the car the owning minority enjoy free privileges that come at increasing sacrifice and danger to the rest of us. It’s time for a major DOT rethink – not a tweak. The problem is getting worse by the day so let’s skip the Zip car thing in favor of more reality-based pilot programs.


Worst idea of the year. They don’t think about the families who live here. if this happen. I plea no one use car share company n hope they get bankrupted for causing simple families living here miserable.

Sandra B.

I live on 82nd street…a major thoroughfare. My block has churches, schools and businesses. It is not uncommon to spend up to two hours to park my car within a five block radius. I am outraged at the suggestion that anyone believes that this pilot program in its current form will do anything except pad the politicians pockets. Pick Masbeth Queens because that area has industrial areas with parking lots that can be rented. Taking up even one spot in Jackson Heights is completely unacceptable. You already made decorative curbs that took away spots last year. Stop the madness.


This a terrible idea. Parking is very limited already. Moya and Monserrate want my vote, well is time for them to speak up and do something for the working people of the community and oppose this idea.

F.M. Harder

This sure looks like a shameless privatization of public property. If so, that’s how it needs to be exposed and stopped in its tracks. We need to ask how, exactly, have you *plannned* the Jackson Heights community to be properly compensated?


This is a terrible idea there is already no parking in Jackson Heights. My stepfather who is a cab driver works hard the entire day diingh 15hr shifts and has to stay in the car an extra 1-2 hrs every day to find parking and you’re going to give him even less options now? Gtfoh. How do we fight this??!?

Ed Valentin

I have been a Jackson Heights resident for 32 years and have owned a house here for more than 16 years. It used to be hard to park here, now its virtually impossible. Family members and friends have to wait from 1-2 hours to find parking for a visit. This is definately not good. The city should consider buying properties and turn them into municipal parking lots instead of this. This is going to make it worst for us residents. Please do not do this at it will not be good for us residents.


I live in the neighborhood and there are already far too few spots for residents, teachers business owners and shoppers. The many schools, a play street, a weekly farmers market, and numerous parades already claim many parking spots. Carshare should not receive free parking from the city. As a private enterprise it should park its cars in some of the many parking garages in the neighborhood.


I hope this doesn’t approve. I live in this area and it’s a nightmare to park your car already and with this car sharing it will make it more hard to find parking spots. If you really want to do car sharing rent spaces in stores that already have parking lots like CVS, Walgreens, Parking lot on 82 and 37th, restaurants in IHOP or parking garages. Why make people who have already limited parking spots harder for us instead of making it easier for us. Make a parking garage with affordable monthly rent of $75-80 monthly for us to be able to park our cars now that is something that will benefit us drivers and can also have our cars in s secure space and not have to park our cars in the street


Bravo! I totally agree. Great idea to suggest carshare rent from existing parking lots.


John m how is that stupid. Please. I know people that live in apartment that have parking garage available and they pay $80 additional monthly with there rent. Get your facts straight first.


I work in Jackson Heights at PS69Q. Parking is already a nightmare when school is in session. We are a very large staff, over 100 employees and we need all the parking as possible. Please do not do the Carshare program anywhere near the school. It is located on 37 Avenue between 77 to 78 streets. Jackson Heights is so overcrowded as is. Please no Carshare program near the school. Thank you.


Please do not take the spots that are currently designated for teacher parking at PS 69 on 37th Ave the spots are alongside the school on 77th Street.
Many teachers commute from long distances and having a designated spot relieves a lot of stress off the teachers that have a spot. The spots are shared through a monthly lottery as there are 10x more teachers and staff than there are spots.

G maher

This is terrible. Jackson Heights residents already have a nightmare with limited parking. Making it even worse than it already is for people to park anywhere near their home is just cruel. I watch mothers with several children lugging all their things walk blocks and blocks in terrible weather. This is dispicable. You chose one of the worst spots possible for this pilot. Be ashamed, you should be!!!

Anna Papazoros

Parking in Jackson heights is a nightmare already. If this goes through all of us teachers will not be able to find any parking and struggle every morning. Please reconsider this decision!!!!


Not in my neighborhood. Show support vote him out this election. This means I have rent a car to drive my family in weekend from some company who can charge whatever rates they want because city give the permit.


We pay a lot insurance plus car registration, inspection etc, and the city is always against the community ,why they don’t a signings space for Desability person too in the streets lake other cities like Weschester, Albany, Seracuese,long Island, Yonkers, etc we deverve space in the streets to park too.

winston celleri

where are the people that live in this area suppose to park ?alternate parking limits spaces already if the city want to try this ,remove alternate sign completely or do it in an area (near the airport and or warehouses are ) where the working people wont require another job to do ( looking for parking ) after working 8 hour day and 2 hours on the subway ,it takes me 45 minutes per car already (2 cars ) my wife, and my own

Beverly Carroll

We have limited parking spaces now for the population
Consider buying parking space/s for this purpose.


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