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DSA Protesters Condemned for Demonstrating Outside Council Member Dromm’s Home, Banging on His Front Door

Council Member Danny Dromm (John McCarten, NYC Council via Flickr)

June 19, 2020 By Michael Dorgan

Council Member Danny Dromm has condemned the actions of a large group of protesters who demonstrated outside his home Thursday afternoon.

Around 100 Democratic Socialists converged outside his apartment building in Jackson Heights and demanded that the NYPD budget be slashed in half, Dromm said.

The protesters were yelling and shouting for about an hour on the roadway. Some held signs that read “defund the police,” “black lives matter,” and other DSA themed wording, he said.

“They were screaming ‘either you come down or we will come up’ to your apartment,” Dromm told the Queens Post.

Two protesters got into his apartment building and made their way up to Dromm’s second-floor apartment, he said.

The pair then banged on his apartment door while the chanting continued outside, he said.

“I believe this was totally inappropriate, violated my privacy and was probably illegal,” he said.

He said they were then thrown out of the building by the porter.

Dromm said he did not feel threatened but believed the protesters’ actions were not friendly and crossed a line.

“I have been an activist for LGBT rights for decades and we would never protest outside someone’s home,” he said.

Dromm said he is mystified that the crowd targeted him for police defunding given that he has already called for $1 billion to be cut from the $6 billion NYPD budget.

“I am miffed at why they would choose to protest an ally,” he said.

Dromm said he proposed the $1 billion cuts – along with House Speaker Corey Johnson and Council Member Vanessa Gibson – before any of the recent Black Lives Matter protests erupted around the country.

“At the time it was unheard of and I’m not sure they understand the whole process,” Dromm said.

Dromm is the chairperson of the NYC Council Committee on Finance which reviews and modifies the city budget and municipal fiscal policy.

However, the mayor typically proposes the city’s annual budget and the city council then negotiates with the mayor on spending. The mayor has proposed a 0.4 percent ($24 million) cut to the NYPD budget for FY2021 budget, Dromm said.

Dromm said the protesters have never asked for a meeting with him, or called into his district office which is located close by.

He said the entire protest was misguided and damaged their cause. He said the protesters were not well-received by his neighbors, constituents and other legislators.

“It cost the Democratic Socialists validity in the eyes of most of my constituents,” he said.

Dromm took to Twitter to call out the protesters yesterday and specifically urged Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a DSA member, to condemn their actions.

“She is a leader and a figurehead and should speak out against this type of behavior,” he said.

Ocasio-Cortez has not responded to Dromm’s appeal. Queens Post contacted the congresswoman’s office for comment but has yet to receive a response.

State Senator Julia Salazar, a member of DSA, spoke out against the tactics employed by the protesters on Twitter.

“I don’t think it’s strategic or constructive to aggressively knock on the door of CM Dromm’s home!” she tweeted.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Council Member Danny Dromm at the St Pats For All Parade 2020 (Michael Dorgan, Queens Post)

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I’m a progressive Dem. I voted early. And I voted AGAINST AOC precisely because so many of her supporters are absolutely unreasonable. As she is.

John Schneiderman

The DSA is an arrogant assortment of middle-class students and self-styled radicals looking to substitute intimidation and cancel-mania for their failure to reach working people. They speak for no one, certainly not the thousands who have marched peacefully against police brutality and murder.

Top Hat.

Jackson Heights people want a safer community, safer streets , cleaner streets, free of vandals, gang activity, . Listen up Daniel Dromm.

Kat ?

Daniel Dromm doesn’t listen or refuses to do anything. That’s why the protesters were out there. Listen to the community Daniel Dromm


I hope Jessica Ramos is watching, the Jackson Heights community wants to see a lot of changes.

J C @ N.blvd

Jackson Heights Residents is tired of Daniel Dromm. He hides only to come out on the pride parade & Halloween parade. No more with useless Councilmembers

Duke of Heights

Why is he shocked ? He has done nothing for Jackson Heights except has his army of drag queens run around. He does nothing to combat crime , gang activity, in Jackson Heights.


As a constituent of Mr. Dromm’s, I support efforts to hold him accountable. Even uncomfortable public ones. The fact is that the only direct communication from Mr. Dromm to us about this before his June 12 joint statement with the speaker mentioned only “millions” in cuts. Danny, we do know your record and we’re watching and counting on you to help make serious change. I’m glad the message was delivered to your door.

Jay Stewart

there is protest and there is anarchy-this is just the flip side of what you’re protesting against…same behavior and wrong-threatening him threatens no one less

too hot for danny....

Danny, come on now! if you can’t stand the heat, its time to get out of the kitchen!


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