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DOT to Expand Bike Network in Jackson Heights and Surrounding Areas, Installation Begins this Month

Standard Bicycle Lane (Photo: LICPost)

Aug. 21, 2019 By Allie Griffin

The Department of Transportation is expanding its network of bicycle lanes and work is about to begin  in several western Queens neighborhoods.

The DOT will be adding shared and standard bicycle markings to dozens of streets within Jackson Heights, East Elmhurst, Elmhurst and Corona. Construction is expected to take place this month.

None of the markings will be protected bicycle lanes.

There have been many cyclists killed or severely injured in the four neighborhoods in recent years–which are in Community Board Districts 3 and 4, according to the DOT.

The two board districts have been designated “Priority Bicycle Districts” by the administration, given the high number of injuries and limited existing bicycle network. 

While there have been 19 bicycle deaths across the city in 2019, there have been no fatalities in these four neighborhoods this year.

The expansion of the network will not result in any loss of parking spaces.

DOT rendering of proposed bike network at March CB3 meeting | DOT

In Jackson Heights and East Elmhurst, the DOT will install standard and shared bike lane markings on the following streets:

  • 74th and 75th Sts. between 34th and 37th Aves.
  • 81st and 82nd Sts. between 24th Ave and Roosevelt Aves.
  • 24th Ave between 81st St and 82nd St
  • 88th St between 31st Ave. and Roosevelt Ave.
  • 91st St between Elmhurst and 31st Ave
  • 97th and 98th Sts. between 31st Ave. and Roosevelt Ave.
  • 103rd and 104th Sts. between 32nd and Roosevelt Aves
  • 105th St between 34th Ave and 35th Ave
  • 35th Ave between 105th St and 104th St
  • Elmhurst Ave/37th Ave. from Roosevelt Ave. to 108th St

In Elmhurst and Corona, the DOT will install standard and shared bike lane markings on the following streets:

  • Grand Ave between 74th St to Queens Blvd
  • 80th St between Grand Ave and 57th Ave
  • Broadway between 75th St and Queens Blvd
  • 54th Ave between 111th St and Corona Ave
  • 53rd Ave between Corona Ave and 103rd St
  • 103rd St between 53rd Ave and Lewis Ave
  • 55th Ave/Lewis Ave between 103rd St and Queens Blvd
  • 56th Ave between Queens Blvd and Junction Blvd
  • Junction Blvd between 56th Ave and 55th Ave
  • 57thAve/Martense Ave between Junction Blvd and Corona Ave
  • 108th St between 53rd Ave and 52nd Ave
  • Corona Ave between National St and 55th Ave
  • National St between Roosevelt Ave and Corona Ave
  • 99th St between Corona Ave and Horace Harding Exp
  • 41st Ave between 72nd St and 76th St, Broadway and 81st St
  • 73rd St between 41st Ave and Roosevelt Ave
  • 74th St between Broadway and Queens Blvd
  • 76th St between Broadway and 41st Ave
  • 81st St between 41st Ave and Roosevelt Ave
  • 82nd St between Roosevelt Ave and Ithaca St
  • Ithaca St between 82nd St and Britton Ave
  • Britton Ave/Elmhurst Ave between Broadway and Roosevelt Ave
  • 97th St/98th St between Roosevelt Ave and 41st Ave
  • 97 Pl between 41st Ave and 42nd Ave
  • 41st Ave between 98th St and 108th St
  • 42nd Ave between 108th St and 94th St
  • Denman St between 94th St and Whitney Ave
  • Whitney Ave between Denman St and Forley St
  • Forley St between Whitney Ave and Britton Ave
  • 103rd St between 41st and 42nd Aves
  • 104th St between Roosevelt Ave and Corona Ave
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Citizen Kane

I’m sure most of those bicycle deaths are due to the cyclists not following traffic laws. I’ve seen idiot cyclists ride right into a stopped car, another ride right into a pedestrian and had the nerve to yell at the pedestrian for getting in his way, and I see cyclists everyday running red lights. I have seen a total of one cyclist use a bike lane on Queens Blvd this year. Put license plates on bicycles please and get them tickets for running red lights!

Ali Abdalkwy

How our life used to be before the cell phone and the Bicycle lanes and walk lanes. And the stupid bus lanes. And everyone go home happy. Except the car driver He’s the one he’ll Pay for all that. This is if don’t get any ticket

Sara Ross

More lanes for people who don’t pay to register, insure or have their vehicle inspected. Don’t have to pay for a driver’s license and make it harder for buses, trucks, cars and first responders to get around those stupid barriers. These same bicyclists who can park their bikes anywhere and not have to add to the millions of dollars already in the coffers of the DOT from the muni meters and the DOT does nothing with those dollars and the same non-payers don’t even have to pay the overpriced tolls.

Crackson heights

Uh yea. Driving is a privilege. You pay and do all that to drive . Don’t like it simple don’t drive. What about all the people who walk in the cold , rain and sleet to take the train to work all year long ?????? Sounds like someone feels entitled. I have a car . I pay registration , insurance , tolls and garage to keep my car off the street . Only reason I have a car is for work emergencies when the trains don’t work . If I’m not using it for work I’m on my bike or skateboard. NYC is too crowded with cars . We all need to do our part to keep them off the streets as much as possible. We all live here . No one has more right than someone else to be here.

Henry Sirotin

Ah, yes. 82nd, between 37th and Roosevelt, to go with the same block on 74th. Have these people ever looked at these streets, or is all they do, draw lines on maps?


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