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Chaos Erupts at Queens Center Mall, Hundreds Fighting Although No Arrests

Queens Center Mall (Photo: Queens Post)

Nov. 24, 2019 By Michael Dugan

A mass brawl broke out among hundreds of teenagers at the Queens Center Friday leaving four people injured.

Police said they responded to a “large disturbance” in the food court between 1:30 to 1:45 p.m. and broke up the melee.

One 16 year-old was detained but no arrests were made, according to the NYPD.

Up to 1,000 high school students were at the mall with many seen fighting, stealing from stalls and running up the escalators in the wrong direction.

Terrified business owners were forced to shut their doors for an hour and police warned the public to avoid the area.

Eyewitnesses said that after police put an end to the brawl inside, fights spilled out onto the sidewalk and street.

Teens were seen dragging and punching each other – even in the presence of officers.

At one point an NYPD Aviation unit helicopter was seen above the mall.

Two people were hospitalized and investigations are still ongoing as to what exactly caused the chaotic scene.

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Asleep at the wheel as usual.

This was their half day for parent teacher conference. Thanks dumbassio and caranZZZa.


The result of de Blasio, Cuomo, Melinda Katz leftist politics protecting criminal behavior pandering for votes and completely against law enforcement. Shame Melinda got elected as Queens DA. It’s going to get a lot worse for law abiding citizens.


They have barely been in office for 2 years and you blame them for this? How about putting a little blame on the federal government 4 increasing our taxes while reducing the funding we receive which in turn causes the local governments to have to do without and raise the taxes even further. Here is another crazy thought, how aboutblame the parents.


No excuses whatsoever for this kind of disorderly conduct to happen at a public mall by teenagers out of school. By the way, mothers with children and infants in strollers are a common sight at the Mall and Food Court. They also could have been hurt. Teenagers like the ones causing such chaos were once called JUVENILE DELINQUENTS….it appears this description still fits in 2019.

Gardens Watcher

I read another report that somebody threw fake money from the upper floor and the kids were trying to pick up the bills on the floor.

They are nearing the end of their education and they are stupid.

If they couldn’t tell the difference, then they need schooling more than anybody.


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