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Travers Park Overhaul Reaches Another Milestone as First Phase of Work Wraps up

Sections of Travers Park reopened last week, signaling the completion of the first phase of work on the capital project. (NYC Parks)

Feb. 6, 2019 By Nathaly Pesantez

Ongoing renovation work at Travers Park has recently hit a significant marker as a large section of the park, shuttered over several months as part of the phased overhaul, reopened last week with new designs and fixtures to boast.

The park, located between 77th and 78th Streets and bordered by 34th Avenue to the south, had closed in early 2018, save for the area north of the handball courts, for a massive redesign that includes merging with two other parcels—the 78th Street Pedestrian Plaza and Staunton Field—to create one seamless open space.

The recently reopened sections include the playgrounds, featuring new equipment for children; an adjacent eight-swing set; bench and table seating areas at the expanded 34th Avenue sidewalk; and the revamped multi-purpose field, once home to handball courts, that can be used for tennis and volleyball, among other uses. Much of the park’s concrete, patterned walkways are also open.

via NYC Parks

The park’s new great lawn, however, will be surrounded by fencing until its sodded this spring, according to a NYC Parks spokesperson.

The overhaul is about three-fourths complete, in a project that will also see the 78th Street Plaza raised and with a performance area in the center, and upgraded asphalt fields at Staunton Field among other changes. The entire $7.1 million project, which will create a connected space beyond 2.5 acres, is slated to be finished in September.

Construction on the highly-anticipated project began in March, although plans for the open space date back years before that after much community advocacy.

The project’s design phase began in 2014, a year after the city purchased the Staunton Field property from the Garden School next to it, and finished about a year behind schedule in late 2016. Construction delays also set back the project by another year.

Travers Parks’ tot lot is also preparing to undergo a $2 million redesign as part of a separate project. The capital project is in its procurement phase, with construction anticipated to start after March.

Travers Park rendering (Meghan Lalor of NYC Parks/Twitter)

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JHeights my whole life

Thanks for destroying the baseball field where people also played soccer snd cricket. Just to replace it with benches where people will be sleeping and bushes that will become a toilet for dogs and humans alike.

JHeights my whole life

You must be new to the neighborhood or don’t go to that park alot. Almost every day of the year there was people playing baseball, soccer, cricket and the sports in that field. I would know I can see that field from my window across the street. All types of people playing games, bike riding, and now that is no longer. No where to play anymore in the park because the ball field was replaced by benches for millenials to use vape pens and drink six dollar coffees. And for all these hipsters that just moved here from other states to take pictures of themselves eating ethnic foods so they can look cool and sophisticated to their facebook friends back in Wisconsin. I know many people that played sports at that field but never again will that be because Millenial JH doesn’t like baseball he likes making stupid videos and posting pics on the gram. And probably alot of other things that dont require any skill or effort. Enjoy your latte sweetie.

Jackson heights baby

UGH yes read her/ him to filth stop gentrifying our neighborhood. There’s a hipster store on 37th Avenue that sells queens and Jackson heights merch. What is this?!?!


It’s like we don’t exist. Growing up I dreamed of being a baseball player and that’s where I played. I grew up there, made memories there. It wasn’t pretty but it was a space where a kid could do just about anything, a rare thing in the city. Now all that is gone so transplants from carajo land can have a place to take their spawn that doesn’t look or feel “ghetto”, or in other words like a neighborhood of immigrants living mostly below the poverty line. Because as much as they love our food and our culture, god forbid they actually live like one of us, or worse, their Facebook friends back in Wisconsin find out they live like one of us.


Couldn’t agree more! What a shame, I grew up playing baseball there and to see it turned into a dump now is sad.


Anyone notice the lawn floods when it rains? They should correct it with French drains or set up a better draining system.


Why didn’t they upgrade the basketball courts? They are the most used area of the park and the most neglected by Parks. We often forget the teens in park redesign in favor of the younger kids.


Stop dragging out the construction and get it done!! Do it before the summer this time so people can use the whole thing. Whoever scheduled this project needs to be fired.


Yes, the greatest challenge after building the park is to police it and keep pot smokers, bums, vandals, dog violators etc. out of the park.


I propose 2000$ fine to owners of $hitting dogs. Also dog confiscation could be a good idea too.


What have marijuana smokers done to you?

Get rid of the tobacco users they irritate my asthma and allergies


With all the taxes on cigarettes non-smokers should be required to carry matches in case I need a light.


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