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Subway Surfing Teen Dies at Queensboro Plaza


Nov. 25, 2019 By Allie Griffin

A teenager died Saturday night after attempting to surf atop a no 7 train at the Queensboro Plaza station, authorities said.

The teen fell from a Manhattan-bound 7 train around 9 p.m. and hit his head on a piece of metal on the tracks, according to the MTA and police.

The subway surfer was just 14 years old, according to the New York Daily News.

No. 7 and N trains were rerouted and bypassed the station for several hours due to the incident. The trains began stopping at Queensboro Plaza again around 11 p.m.

The dangerous stunt is not an isolated incident.

The prior weekend, two people were seen surfing atop a 7 train at the Roosevelt Avenue stop in Jackson Heights. A video of the incident was posted to the Instagram. (Warning: the video has explicit language)


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In 2017, a subway surfer shocked onlookers in Sunnyside and later turned himself in for the stunt.

Subway Surfer in 2017 at 40th Street Station (Photo Courtesy of Mark Alan Jones)

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Don’t feel sorry. It may be hearless to say but
the guy knew what he was doing. And please don’t say he was only 14. 14 year olds know right from wrong.


14 years old is way too young to have life cut short over something so reckless and stupid.

Don’t parents teach their kids common sense and how to behave in public anymore?

Inability & Unaware

Most likely this person has been made aware their actions have dire consequences, yet this person has poor impulse control, need for attention, grandiose narcissistic traits and patterns, in other words the joy gotten from such behavior out weighs the consequences. (cameras, DNA will convict you; yet no decrease in crime). Parents are often ill prepared, inadequately raised themselves therefore they are unable to ‘teach their children’ the basics of human behavior and decency, these ill prepared, unaware parents repeat the same dysfunctional behavior learned from their own upbringing and the cycle of harmful behavior becomes repeated and handed down to the next generation, Parent’s are unable to ‘see’ how corrosive and damaging their own behavior is. More self-awareness, understanding of one’s own behavior needs to be taught in school, as parents are colored by their own dysfunction and unable to teach or better their children despite what they hoped or wished for


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