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Teacher at Jackson Heights school arrested for assaulting student

April 27, 2017 Staff Report

A public school teacher was arrested for assault Wednesday for grabbing a student’s hand and twisting it causing a sprained finger, police said.

Police were called to I.S. 145 on 80th Street near Northern Boulevard and arrested Ramiro Cruz, 52, a Jackson Heights resident.

The incident took place at 11 am on Tuesday, police say.

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Old fashioned

Joe when you went to school they could whip you ,crack your head on the blackboard, hit you with a ruler or a paddle, look how good you turned out.

Joe at Berkley

So many students have absolutely no respect for educators and others in a position of authority. Go by this school when it let’s out at the end of a school day. Grabbing a hand leads to a law suit!?!? What message are we sending to students? Mess with the teacher and expect a pay out? Very bad precedent..


I went to this school over 20 years ago. I don’t know how it is now, but if it’s still anything like how it used to be, I don’t blame the teacher. Kids were undisciplined, rude, and gang recruits who brought weapons to school, a junior high school.

The news should show both sides of the story before ruining someones life. Parents don’t even know what their kids are doing or how they’re behaving. I used to see the latino and black kids just harass and assault the Asian kids because they were different than them. I really have to applaud the teachers for putting up with all that they do at that school. I wouldn’t be surprised if that kid was trying to stab someone. It has happened.

Why is the standard of education so much higher in other countries? Discipline. Some need it more than others.


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