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Street to be officially co-named Diversity Plaza Saturday

Diversity Plaza

Diversity Plaza

May 17, 2016 By Michael Florio

A Jackson Heights street will be officially dubbed Diversity Plaza this Saturday.

Councilman Daniel Dromm is hosting a street co-naming ceremony where 37th Road– between 73rd and 74th Streets–will be designated Diversity Plaza.

A Diversity Plaza street sign will go up where 37th Road, 73rd Street and Broadway all intersect, according to Dromm.

The ceremony will take place this Saturday at 12 pm.

Diversity Plaza came to being in October 2011, Dromm said, when the street was closed off to traffic, and tables and chairs were set up for residents. Many cultural events and gatherings are hosted at the plaza.

“This will be the official naming of Diversity Plaza,” Dromm said.

The plaza holds a special meaning to residents, according to Dromm.

“It’s the crossroads of the world in many ways,” he said. “There are so many different cultures here.”

The space embraces diversity and acceptance, Dromm said, both of which need to be celebrated. He said the Plaza stands against the divisiveness displayed by Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“We are sending a message of acceptance and tolerance,” he added. “That is what Jackson Heights is all about.”

A number of organizations that have helped with the beautification and maintenance of the Plaza will join Dromm at the ceremony, including Friends of Diversity Plaza; Association for Community Employment Program for the Homeless; Sukhi; Vita Coco;  and Congressman Joseph Crowley.

A performance by Calpulli Mexican Dance Company will also take place.

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this place is as filthy as 74th Street between roosevelt avenue and 37th avenue which is an absolute disgrace and has been for years they the owners of the stores never clean anything up nor do they pay their tickets — this is the way that they like to live which is just horrible


Unfortunately, it’ll be and remain as clean as many of the establishments on that street.


it is absolutely horrible there and filthy nothing could clean this mess up since the people there are dirty as anything –


I love the plaza other than a great public place it goes way beyond just the space, although the place in itself enriches the lives of its users and enhances its surrounding buildings and neighborhood. Great public places contribute to community health – whether socially, economically, culturally or environmentally. They add enhancement to the civic realm – not only visually, but also in providing a sense of character and a forum for public activities. They can be anchors for downtowns and communities, acting as focal points for definition and foundations for healthy growth. All of these assets, as well as the opportunity these places offer for people to relax and enjoy themselves, add up to greater community livability. And so happy we have one in Jackson Heights


This “plaza” is a blight on the area. I completely understand the need for public spaces and welcome them. This block of concrete outside the subway and liquor store is only as diverse as the degenerates that line its edges. It works quite well as a public space for events but all other times it is a place to be avoided. Either develop it fully or open it back up to cars.


this place is so so filthy and horrible — why bother to clean it up it is only going to get worse — good old Danny Dromm – haha

Ron Burgundy

Well, I could be wrong, but I believe diversity is an old, old wooden ship that was used during the Civil War era.


-Angela Lets all vote Republican so we could pass more legislation governing your reproductive parts and keeping your salary lower than a mans salary. I doubt if it will get that street any cleaner. The class of “diversity” the square attracts tends to be slobs.


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