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Council Speaker Johnson to Conduct Transit Survey in Jackson Heights Today, Part of Citywide Tour

Jackson Heights– Roosevelt Avenue/74 Street (Google Maps)

Jan. 7, 2019 By Meghan Sackman

Acting Public Advocate and Council Speaker Corey Johnson will be in Jackson Heights this afternoon to ask straphangers about their commutes as part of a five-day, five-borough survey and transit tour.

Johnson, along with Council Member Daniel Dromm, will be at the 74th Street/Broadway station beginning at 5 p.m. to help conduct a 14-question survey aimed at better understanding the needs of subway riders.

“The purpose of the survey is to learn more about how the transportation system is working for commuters, so we can inform decisions about which improvements should be prioritized,” Johnson said in a statement on the City Council’s Subway Survey page.

The survey, also available online, poses questions about subway lines riders use most frequently, how often they experience delays, average time spent commuting, and more.

A screenshot of the online transit survey

The survey is part of Johnson’s work as acting public advocate, a role he assumed on Jan. 1 and will fulfill until Feb. 26, the day of the special elections for the post. It also follows his advocacy on transit reform, including vouching for Fair Fares, congestion pricing, and his outspoken criticism on government handling of the subway.

“New York City deserves a world-class transportation system, but unfortunately, due to years of neglect and mismanagement, we don’t have one,” Johnson said.

The Jackson Heights visit marks the first leg of the tour, with Johnson and his staff to visit stations in the remaining four boroughs in the next few days until Jan. 11. Details for each day’s appearance will be released the evening prior to the event.

The survey can be taken online here.

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Remove the dozen or so ladies selling food inside the station and on the platforms. This activity is illegal, and these churros often end up as RAT food on the tracks.


Do something about the ten thousand pigeons! They cover the whole area with a layer of bird-shit.

Tickets and HEAVY fines should be issued to those who are spreading the rice and bird seed all around this 74th Street/Broadway terminal.

Rican on the 80.

A nightmare during the morning and evening rush , MTA needs more staff in this station


Pure chaos , on the trains & on the buses , the MTA needs to add more employees to organize the boarding area , they should also work with NYPD Traffic so the buses could get in and out with problems

The Truth.

One of the dirtiest MTA station is 74st Broadway, vomit & spit on the floor , garbage, and it smells like urine , it’s a embarrassment.


I hope that Corey Johnson and Daniel Dromm will take a look at bus scheduling at this terminal.. Particularly how overcrowded and sparse the Q49 bus runs.

The dispatchers at location are either incompetent or they just don’t care. Dozens of Q33, 47, 70, 32, come and go before a Q49 shows up with a hundred passengers waiting. Then ‘magically 2 (and sometimes 3) Q49’s appear. And what was a civil and organized line becomes a mad house. Suddenly every bus starts boarding simultaneously; running, pushing, line-jumping. Everyone, young and old, male and female, frail and healthy ‘fighting’ for access and a seat. The MTA dispatchers emerge from their little clubhouse room and encourage this CHAOS. Loading every bus at the same time; ‘ordering’ passengers to enter via front and back doors. And instructing those at the end of the line “go, go, go” break the line, just get on any bus.

This is every evening rush hour. Courtesy, politeness and respect are lost because these uniformed employees embolden this barbarity.

To any daily commuter it is obvious that some remedial training is warranted. If better bus metering is not possible, the least they can do is get a handle on the Q49 rush hour boarding process.

JHeights my whole life

Mike you are absolutely right about the q49 at tge 74th st bus terminal. It always has the longest line of people waiting to get on the bus then when it pulls in the driver gets off the bus and goes in the station for 20 minutes leaving waiting people out in the cold. Meanwhike the other buses come and go and the 49 sits there. I live on 77 and 34 I usually walk to and from 74th st. Station because I don’t want to wait 20 minutes on a long line for a bus just to go 3 stops. Nit ti mention in the mornings the bus is so full when it gets to the 76th st and 35th ave stop the driver doesn’t even bother to stop. Peace to all the people who have to use that crowded bus daily. Good luck everyone.


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