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Seven story building to go up on Roosevelt Ave., several stores face wrecking ball


Dec. 21, 2016 By Christian Murray

Several stores located on Roosevelt Avenue are likely to be demolished to make way for a seven-story mixed use building.

Building permits were filed yesterday that call for the construction of a building at 77-02 Roosevelt Avenue that would consist of 44 apartments, with the bottom two stories dedicated to commercial use and community facilities.

The building will replace an eclectic mix of stores that wrap around the corner of Roosevelt Ave. and 77th Street such as a restaurant, real estate office, pool hall, independent pharmacy and Metro PC dealer. Demolition permits have yet to be filed.

The first two stories will consist of 13,500 square feet of commercial space and 3,700 square feet of community facilities.

The apartments will be located on floors three to seven, with 10 units on each floor from three to six, with four units on the top floor.

The plans call for a 33-car garage in the cellar and six off-street parking spots in a lot adjacent to the building. There will be space for 22 bicycles on a mezzanine between the first and second floors.

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Mr.Lippman -you probably dont live here. Stop mind you bizness. Us peoples need house to live. You maybe rich lady, we poor. You move when if you no like it,pleeze come on now

Susan Lippman

First of all, I’m Ms., not Mr., and I have been living in Jackson Heights for more than 40 years. I am quite poor, living on a fixed income, and struggling with exorbitant medical bills. I am minding my business. After all, we’re all in this together. I hate to see people being priced out of their homes and small businesses disappearing because greedy landlords keep increasing the rents.
How will these new buildings help poor and almost poor people. They won’t.
Please open your eyes.


I could never figure out what the guy was smoking when they originally built this building. What a waste of space. They designed it horribly. What they were thinking ill never figure out . Thank god, knock this mess down


For real, what a dump of a building. I’d gladly welcome some redevelopment in this area

Susan Lippman

This is outrageous. But there is even more construction, i.e.gentrification in this neighborhood. On 72nd Street near Roosevelt Avenue, construction has already begun on a 15 story mixed used building. To my knowledge, there was no discussion of this monstrosity prior to the beginning of this project.

We really need mass opposition to this boom for the real estate industry and disaster and displacement for everyone else, plus an environmental disaster and infrastructure criis.

Positive News

This is great for the community and will really clean up the area. There will be space for plenty of retail tenants in the building surely. Why not spruce things up around here?


This will be great for the neighborhood! Hopefully, this change will bring some much needed restaurants and boutique shops to the area.

Though culturally diverse and significant Roosevelt Ave in Jackson Heights is dingy, loud and dirty. New construction will bring in fresh ideas and money to the area possibly aiding in cleaning up Roosevelt Ave making it a neighborhood that can stand proudly next to Sunnyside, Astoria and LIC.


Just what we need… JH is so over populated as it is and a garage…. as if traffic isn’t bad enough on Roosevelt Ave.SMH

Concerned Jackson Heights resident

7 stories way too tall. Area too congested already. Building will block natural sunlight cast shadows make Roosevelt darker and dreary and scary! What about some affordable housing units? What about a green space and green construction? Let’s move forward not backwards.


There is a green space by 74th area but no one takes care of it. If the other area was attended to nicely I’m sure others would be in favor like my self but other spot not so clean not many flowers does not look inviting


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