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Schumer: Everyone Welcome in Queens – Except Donald Trump

March 4, 2020 By Michael Dorgan

Senator Chuck Schumer told crowds at the Sunnyside Woodside St Pats For All parade Sunday that Donald Trump is not welcome in Queens.

Schumer, wearing an Irish tricolored sash, walked the streets of Sunnyside and Woodside at the parade “For All” with his supporters and yelled through a bull horn:

“Let’s hear it for diversity for Queens. We include everybody, except there’s one person we don’t include… Donald Trump. We want him out of here,” he said.

“In Queens we believe in inclusiveness and diversity, Donald Trump doesn’t, he can leave Queens any day of the week.”

President Trump grew up in Queens and his childhood home is only about 9 miles east of Sunnyside, in the neighborhood of Jamaica Estates.

“Let’s hear it for the LGBT community who we’re proud of, including my daughter and her wife,” he was also heard bull horning.

An estimated 120 groups consisting of about 2,000 people took part in the event which continues to grow in size and stature attracting an influx of high-profile politicians such as Mayor Bill de Blasio, Council Speaker Corey Johnson and Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Carolyn Maloney.

When asked if he would support Bernie Sanders as nominee Schumer responded: “Yes, I’ll support whoever wins, we gotta beat Trump.”

“We just gotta beat him and I don’t know who’s the strongest but whoever wins the primary I’ll support.”

Earlier Schumer told festive goers in his pre-parade speech:

“What we stand for in Queens, what we stand for in New York, what we stand for in America is diversity and inclusiveness.”

“And we stand here together today to tell all those son of a guns in Washington, when you pick on any of us, you pick on all of us.”

“Donald Trump take that, we are going to beat you in every way.”

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St Pats for all

Cant believe these clowns politicized a parade that was supposed to be open and inclusive for all…just ruined the vibe on this nice local tradition…I wont be going again and spending my money…cant wait to see AOC take fake progressive (in actuality he is an uber conservative orthodox jew) senator chuck and send him packing…no more phony hysterics and fake political crises from these do nothing electeds….God Bless


How could we, newyorkers, vote for this phony, fake, deceptive idiot like Chuck Schumer?! It’s amazing


Trump must really feel bad about this. Ha-ha-ha. Trump must be so depressed he wasnt welcome to the “parade for all” ha-ha-ha. Maybe he’ll resign because of this. Ha so funny. Trump never even heard of this parade. Lol. Shows you how out of it Schumer is.

Tyronne Fauntleroy

Hey chuck Go back to prospect park. Donald trump is welcome here by law bidding tax paying Queens residence. The POTUS is welcome here born here raised here in Jamaica. Go away .

Agreed, unlike Trump, Queens pays taxes.

Trump says not paying taxes makes you smart, he bragged about how much he cost the taxpayer.

By “law bidding” were you trying to say “abiding?” Do you really think “residents” is spelled “residence?!”

Larry Penner

Perhaps Senator Schumer forgot about civil discourse in America. Democrat, Republican or Independent, Liberal or Conservative, we have a long held tradition of respect for our government institutions, be it the President or Supreme Court. Perhaps Schumer missed attending his Civics class at James Madison Brooklyn High School, Harvard College and Harvard Law School.
Schumer’s continued arrogance “that it is my way or the highway” is disappointing to those who are looking for bipartisan cooperation and compromise. No wonder political gridlock continues in Washington. Perhaps Schumer is part of the problem as opposed to part of the solution. Voters should remember this in 2022 when he stands for re-election.
Larry Penner


I am from Queens and Schumer does not speak for me.
Schumer is a disgrace!


So Senator Shumer threatens the US Supreme court for doing their job and now he tells the President he cannot come to the County he was born and raised in?? He is starting to sound nuttier than AOC. He must have seen the latest polls showing him losing to her in a head to head contest….

Jack Epstein

Schumer is a “shonda.” When is the last time he’s said anything useful? One bisbegotten rant after another.

hello sunshine 🌞

No criminals please
( foreign or domestic )
Citizen or not . No criminals !

Never Socialism

It is appalling that their hate for Trump is greater than their love (if they have any) for America. They rather vote for a socialist who will destroy America, than keep this prosperity going.


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