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Queens Had the Highest Number of TB Cases Among the Five Boroughs Last Year: Report

TB (Photo: Wiki Commons)

March 21, 2019, By Meghan Sackman

More people were diagnosed with Tuberculosis in Queens last year than in any other borough, according to a report released by the NYC Health Department on Monday.

More than one third, or 37 percent, of the cases diagnosed in New York City in 2018 were in Queens, with a high concentration in Jackson Heights, Corona, and Elmhurst.

In these three neighborhoods, there were 14.4 cases of TB for every 100,000 people, more than twice the rate experienced across the entire city, at 6.8 cases, according to the department.

The report noted that TB disproportionately affects people born outside the United States as well as those who live in poorer neighborhoods. High rates were found among immigrants from China, Ecuador, Mexico and India.

“TB continues to disproportionately affect New Yorkers of color, poor New Yorkers, and those born outside of the U.S.” said Mark Harrington, Executive Director, Treatment Action Group. “A concerted prevention effort that uses the latest scientific developments, and engages communities, can change this.”

The report notes that the number of overall cases in New York City continues to decline. In 2018, 559 people were diagnosed with the infectious disease, down 8 percent from 613 cases in 2017.

(NYC Health Department)

People with TB have symptoms such as persistent coughing, chest pain, the coughing up of blood, or a fever. TB can be cured by taking antibiotics.

The department recommends that people who have recently been to a high-risk country and have had a cough lasting more than three weeks get tested. 

Free and confidential TB testing and treatment is available, regardless of immigration or insurance status. There are four TB Chest Centers in New York, including a Jackson Heights location at 34-33 Junction Blvd.

Last year, the four clinics saw more than 7,800 patients.

TB education and prevention events are being planned by the Health Department in May and June.

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Not a "Leeberal"

The 7 train aka the orient express TB runs ramped as they blow they’re snots onto the platform and hack up a lung . Its so unsanitary I’ve decided to take the express bus

JH resident

I can’t wait to read the kind of spin the pro-illegal immigrant crowd will put on this article.

They’re in denial that illegal immigrants are a detriment to Queens (especially JH/Corona/East Elmhurst) in multiple ways.

Wow I can't believe "JH resident" made ANOTHER overtly racist comment

What a shocker, ANOTHER racist comment from “JH resident” the Trump lover. Do you check under your bed for immigrants at night?

JH resident

Why is it racist to be against illegal immigration?

I’m brown myself and disgusted with illegal aliens taking advantage of this city. Illegal aliens do not pay their fair share of taxes to compensate for the public services they’re consuming. They’re dragging down the quality of life here in northwestern Queens.

Why would I check under my bed for immigrants?

Don’t mix up “immigrant” and “illegal alien”…they are not the same.

Shame on you, you’re no better than Trump.

the illeguls will get us i tell ya whut

Can you imagine being so narrow minded that you’re racist but live in QUEENS?! Why don’t you move to a Republican paradise like Alabama?

ALL Hispanic people are barely a quarter of TB cases, they certainly aren’t the majority.

Of course, I’m the ONLY person that can put up any facts. As usually the red hat club just has empty rhetoric.

JH resident

Why are people like you so interested in making Queens a paradise for illegal aliens? What are you gaining from it?

So, no facts? You're dismissed.

So just to be clear, you have NO facts?

That which is presented without evidence, has been dismissed without it.


1. I’m from Alabama and we’re now a purple paradise, if you please, who embrace our immigrant neighbors.

2. The article doesn’t mention that many people from the Middle East and Indian subcontinent have a marker in their bloodwork that shows a positive for TB, yet they don’t actually have it. I wonder if that accounts for some of the newly diagnosed cases.


China , Ecuador, Mexico & India .
At least the article doesn’t say anything about El Salvador
So I guess we’re good

Rico Suave

This is another problem of illegal immigration. They don’t only bring bad habits, but bad diseases


Immigrants infect each other. Americans have been vaccinated and don’t get infected. Thus, the disparity in the data between these groups.

Papi Chulo

“Illegal Immigration” also gave you your Hispanic name / handle, right “Rico Suave?” Jealous or wishing to be something you are not?


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