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Public Advocate to hold rally at Jackson Height’s Diversity Plaza Sunday

Tish James

Tish James

Nov. 18, 2016 Staff Report

Public Advocate Letitia James is planning a rally in Jackson Heights Sunday to let residents know that she will fight for them while Trump is in office.

The rally, titled #ProtectProgress, will be held at Diversity Plaza (near 73rd Street/Roosevelt Avenue) on Sunday at 1 p.m.

It is in response to the election of Donald Trump who made a number of racist comments during the heated presidential race that he ultimately won.

The event will feature speakers including James, local officials and civic  leaders.

Since the election, James has heard concerns and confusion from New Yorkers. She decided to hold a rally to inform residents about their basic rights, and to share ways they can share information should controversial policies by President Elect Donald Trump go into effect.

The rally will cover a wide range of issues, including immigration, reproductive rights, healthcare, LGBTQ rights, and public education among others, and James is planning to lay out ways these rights can be protected through legislation, policy and litigation, according to her office.

“Stand with me this Sunday at 1pm at Diversity Plaza in Jackson Heights as we announce a plan to protect progress and ensure that our basic rights are not rolled back,” James wrote on her Facebook page.

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Oil, beef, hooked

The Left always needs a boogeyman to scare their minions. This year’s model is Donald Trump. Apparently ISIS doesn’t scare them enough.


Id stand in support but i dont want to catch anything in diversity plaza ,i read somewhere on this site that its filthy, and i took a walk there the other day. Just like the person posted, its filthy there in that plaza.


LeTITia nice! Good job. Tell the people not to worry, trumps no different than any other politician, he not going to do anything either. They promise the world, in this case shock did the trick, then nothing. Hes already softening his stance on several issues so tell all those jackson heights people to chill


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