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Corona Has Seen More COVID-19 Deaths Than Any Other NYC Neighborhood

(NYC Health Dept)

May 18, 2020 By Allie Griffin

The poorer you are in New York City, the more likely you will die from COVID-19, newly released data from the city’s Health Department shows.

The death rate increases as income diminishes, according to COVID-19 data released today. The higher the poverty level the worse the likely outcome.

The data also showed that black and Hispanic New Yorkers have died at roughly twice the rate of white and Asian New Yorkers from coronavirus complications.

“This public health emergency has affected all of our communities,” Health Commissioner Dr. Oxiris Barbot said in a statement. “The data also show that this virus is not hitting New Yorkers equitably and that reality is guiding the COVID-19 response.”

Queens has had the second highest death rate among the five boroughs and many of its neighborhoods have seen a huge loss of life.

Corona, which ironically shares the same name as the devastating disease, has seen the greatest number of deaths and the most cases of COVID-19 in the city — with 369 dead and 4,234 cases as of 3 p.m. today.

Far Rockaway and Elmhurst has the third and fifth greatest numbers of deaths respectively among other New York City neighborhoods per zip code. Two zip codes in The Bronx came in second and fourth.

The data shows that 288 Far Rockaway residents have died from the virus and 2,152 residents have contracted it. Elmhurst saw 267 residents die and 3,303 infected with COVID-19.

Those numbers are based on the 15,983 New Yorkers who were known to be positive for COVID-19 before they died. There are another 4,823 probable deaths from COVID-19, where people were not determined as being positive prior to death– but the cause of death was assumed to be coronavirus.

In total, 20,806 New York City residents have been killed by the virus.

(NYC Health Dept)

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Guillermo Reyes

We the residents of far rockaway would like to know list of people who die of covi19.


The corona virus is purging the neighborhood 2many Mexicans I remembe the Mexicans only in Roosevelt now the Mexicans are everywhere smh and they act like it’s their neighborhood mAh rude and all in the way…. Trump knows what he was doing with the virus.. Scare them out


I remember when Corona had a lot of Italians, the restaurants, Deli , & bakery
and everyone said it was all mafia and it was bad, now with the Mexicans it’s bad. Some people just complain about everyone, .
Don’t live in the city if you can’t deal with diversity.


hahaha; based on the grammar, I’m sure you’re a troll looking to stir something. But If you’re being serious, you should probably reconsider checking the population within the corona area; there are more Ecuadorians, Guatemalans, Salvadorians and Dominicans in that area with the dominant group being Ecuadorian.

Clean up Corona, enforce the laws

The media loves to play up the “disadvantaged minorities are disproportionately affected” narrative.

When will Cuomo and deBlasio tell the truth? The hardest hit areas have an overwhelming amount of illegal aliens violating housing occupancy laws coupled with these people’s ignorance and poor hygiene.


Clean up – You turned a blind eye to one huge component, the landlord. Landlords are and have been profiting big from these illegal subdivisions and over capacity apartments. Code enforcement needs to go in and enforce the laws it’s a matter of life and death.


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