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Police Looking for Two Suspects Following Violent Gang Assault at Queens Center Mall

Police are seeking two men in connection to the assault. (NYPD)

March 15, 2019 By Laura Hanrahan

Two men are wanted in connection to a violent gang assault and stabbing that took place last week outside Queens Center Mall in Elmhurst. 

Three men, one man who is now custody, allegedly approached an 18-year-old male in front of the mall at around 4:15 p.m. on March 8 and began to assault him. The men pushed the victim to the ground and punched, kicked and stabbed him.

The victim was stabbed in the right side of his back, causing non-life threatening injuries, police said.

Angel Seda, 18, a resident of Centereach, Long Island, has been arrested and charged with assault, gang assault, criminal possession of a weapon, and disorderly conduct.

While the investigation remains ongoing, police have released photos of two men wanted in connection to the violent incident.

Anyone with information in connection to this case is asked to call the 110th Precinct Detective Squad at 718-476-9317.

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JHeights my whole life

Also how come the surveillance cameras of the world be they at a gas station, late night deli, or shopping mall provide images not unlike a 2003 cellphone photo. I mean when a teenager takes a picture of a sunset at the beach it’s Hollywood quality. When someone stabs another guy at the mall at 4 in the afternoon the image is all grainy and distant like those old pictures of Bigfoot.


Disgusting…first people question a person’s citizen status…and now you’re saying these photos look like old pictures of bigfoot…There is no place for such talk on this forum!!

JHeights my whole life

Why is it that on Jackson Heights post comments about Hispanic assailants always have someone asking are these people in the country legally but when the attackers are American made no one has much to say. A stabbing at the mall zero comments.

JH resident

It comes with the neighborhood/area. It’s not unrealistic to assume the Latinos involved in gang activity are here illegally.

How often are you hearing about ethnicities doing this nonsense? I don’t recall seeing any articles about Asians, Indians, etc. involved in violent, physical assault.


Honey, it’s obvious you weren’t around or aware 30 years ago.
We have come a very long way baby.

JHeights my whole life

A gang assault at the mall in 2019 and 2 seperate shootings on Queens subway platforms and it’s not even Spring time. What is the deal with Queens lately?

Lou Sass

Must be something in the water…or the burritos….or the dumplings… or the sushi…or the corn beef… or whatever


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