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Peralta Wants Residents To Know Their Rights When Dealing with Predatory Towing Companies

Jose Peralta (Source: Peralta)

Nov. 17, 2017 By Christian Murray

State Senator Jose Peralta is distributing a pamphlet that informs residents as to their rights when their car is towed from private parking lots by unscrupulous towing companies.

Peralta, who authored the pamphlet, said he put it together in response to the complaints he has received from constituents who have been hit with unfair fines.

“The goal of handing out this pamphlet is to ensure drivers know their rights when their cars are being towed by private operators, who at times use intimating tactics,” Peralta said. “We must ensure these operators act accordingly with the law and don’t rip off or try to rip off New Yorkers.”

n 2015, more than 1,400 drivers filed complaints with the city arguing that tow truck operators illegally removed their vehicles, Peralta said.

Key components of the pamphlet include:

–A tow operator can remove improperly parked vehicles and can collect up to–but not more than–$125 for removal and the first three days of storage, combined.

–If the owner or operator of the vehicle arrives at the scene prior to the removal of vehicle but while the car is being connected to the tow truck, their vehicle must be released and half of the $125 fee will be charged. It is recommended that a photo is taken as evidence as to the time of arrival.

–No vehicle shall be removed by a tow operator from a private property without the express authorization by the owner of the private property.

–The towing company must notify the local precinct within 30 minutes after its arrival at a facility for storage.

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Stop parking on private property when you are not doing business on said property and you won’t have any problem.


Good info thx jp Good job lately. This , the parking theory of permit parking, getting on that illegal outdoor fruit stand on Roosevelt your doing your job. Thank you


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