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Peralta Collecting Community Input On Airplane Noise

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July 15, 2016 Staff Report

With airplanes from LaGuardia Airport flying low over the East Elmhurst and Jackson Heights communities, a local official is calling on residents to voice their concerns about airplane noise to the Port Authority.

State Sen. Jose Peralta has launched an online form where residents can state concerns and ideas for improvement regarding airplane noise over their communities, which he said he will then relay to the Port Authority.

Planes that arrive and depart from LaGuardia Airport’s Runway 22 have flight paths that travel over East Elmhurst and Jackson Heights, particularly over Northern Boulevard and Astoria Boulevard, according to the Senator.

The planes also fly low as they prepare to land or have just taken off.

“It has always been my position that the Port Authority should work to alleviate traffic on Runway 22 during the early morning hours, especially on weekends when residents are at rest,” Peralta wrote online.

“While I understand that weather conditions often come into play and may dictate otherwise, it is important that the Port Authority works to minimize use of Runway 22 at these times because of man-made factors, such as construction,” he continued.

Peralta stated that he has been hearing “a great deal of concern” about overhead airplane noise in recent months. He started collecting community input online last week.

He said that ultimately, he will ask the Port Authority to follow up wtih the community regarding their airplane noise concerns and ideas.

The Port Authority did not respond to a request for comment.

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The FAA and Port have an assortment of options that would mitigate noise. Flight track changes (which should be easier with NextGen, since it’s so precise), altitude and thrust adjustments, mandatory limits on the most impactful routes after 10PM, and if they are feeling really ambitious – a runway shift. Shifting runways even a few degrees would alleviate a great deal of airspace conflict between JFK and LGA. Since these two airports are the most passionately reviled public facilities in the world, getting some progress on this issue shouldn’t be that hard.

Betsy Pilling

the Port Authority and FAA, are two corrupt, pompous, self serving digesting explamples of political inbreeding. Stop the airplane noise over Bayside. It is a violation of civil liberty to not be able to live peacefully in ones home…Jail the pigs..

Ruth Turville

I have lived close to the airport for over 30 years , the planes have always been noisy, but in the last year the noise level has risen tremendously. . It is a constant problem not just in early morning and weekends. It is very annoying to constantly have the television on a volume above 35, and you still can’t hear it. I know construction at the airport is part of the problem. There has been an increase in the amount of aborted landings which makes for more noise. With the construction of the new ramps to 94th street and the service road inside the airport almost all the trees were removed or heavily pruned, so there is nothing to obsorb the noise. Hopefully these trees will be replanted once the construction is complete. There has been an increase of early morning and late evening flights also, some may be due to weather but not all. With the airport growing in size the noise level will only become more problematic.Anything that can be done to decrease the noise level would be greatly appreciated.


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