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Over 20 LinkNYC kiosks installed around Jackson Heights, Elmhurst, will be Wi-Fi activated in coming weeks

Newly installed LinkNYC kiosk on 37th Ave. in Jackson Heights

Aug. 31, 2017 By Nathaly Pesantez

A flurry of LinkNYC kiosks have been installed in Jackson Heights and Elmhurst, and are expected to have full WiFi capabilities in the coming weeks.

On Roosevelt Avenue, 17 kiosks awaiting Wi-Fi activation have been installed from 80th Street to Warren Street, one block away from the Junction Boulevard train station. Two not-yet activated kiosks were also installed on 37th Avenue, with one on 81st Street and another on 82nd Street.

An additional six kiosks soon to be Wifi-enabled were installed on a stretch of Broadway from 75th Street to Corona Avenue.

A spokesperson for LinkNYC said the kiosks awaiting WiFi activation were installed in late July and early August, and added that newly installed kiosks take several weeks to fully activate.

Several LinkNYC kiosks have already been Wi-Fi activated in the area, as is the case with the 10 active kiosks on Roosevelt Avenue from 72nd Street to 78th Street installed early July, the LinkNYC spokesperson said.

An active kiosk is also just outside the Elmhurst Ave Station on Broadway and 82nd Street. Another one is near the corner of Broadway and Elmhurst Ave.

The Wi-Fi enabled LinkNYC kiosks, installed to replace obsolete phone booths across the city, also have a phone call feature that allows users to dial across the U.S. Charging ports for devices and touch screen tables with information on city services, maps, and directions are also available.

The soon-to-be activated kiosks in Jackson Heights and Elmhurst make up nearly 160 Links installed across the city.

There are over 1,000 active kiosks across the five boroughs, with the greater majority of them in Manhattan.

Visit the Find a Link page on the LinkNYC site for a map of activated and newly installed kiosk locations.

One of 17 kiosks on Roosevelt Ave. in Jackson Heights set to activate in coming weeks.


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Richie V

Danny Dromm

Cheap tree guards on 74th street

…. no surprise there

Above 76th street ?

Beautiful / Heavy Duty Tree Guards

Wake up Jackson Heights

The Fix is In

The Lower 70s of Jackson Hrs is, has been
ignored for decades

Helloooooooooo …. Danny Dromm

Please do something !

Richie V

What a Joke

None …. Zeeeerrrrrroooooo on 37th Ave
Below 80th Street

37th Ave … below 76th street
…. always ignored

Trees …. Citi Benches …. etc

Yet, 2 of these on 37th Ave
82nd and 81st streets


I smell a Rat

The Historic District gets anything
they want

Helloooooooooo …. Danny Dromm ?


all the homeless and the junkies will be sitting on crates like they do on queens boulevard and that is a fact –

Anon E. Muss

I really hate to throw cold water on what should be a great community service, but these things have been a disaster in Manhattan. They have been a magnet for homeless people.


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