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Ocasio-Cortez Viewed Favorably by Majority of Voters in Her District: Poll

Poll: Forty-eight percent of voters surveyed in CD14 said they would vote to reelect Ocasio-Cortez in 2020 (Flickr)

April 10, 2019 By Laura Hanrahan

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is viewed favorably by the majority of voters in her district, according to a new poll released by Siena College Research Institute.

The poll, which surveyed 607 voters by phone in Congressional District 14, which covers portions of The Bronx and western Queens, found that 52 percent of voters viewed Ocasio-Cortez favorably, with 48 percent of all voters and 61 percent of Democrats saying they would vote to reelect her in 2020. The survey found that 33 percent of respondents view her unfavorably.

“Although it is very early, with nearly half of all voters and 61 percent of Democrats saying that they would vote to re-elect Ocasio-Cortez in 2020, she may be in position to represent this district for at least another term,” said Siena College Research Institute Director Don Levy.

14th Congressional District

While only 25 percent of those surveyed said they would describe themselves as Democratic Socialists, the study found overwhelming support for many of the key issues Ocasio-Cortez is advocating for in Washington. Free tuition at public universities was supported by 76 percent of surveyed voters, with 73 percent supporting a federal guarantee of a job that pays a living wage. Both Medicare for all and an assault weapons ban were supported by 75 percent of voters.

Receiving smaller, but still significant support, 59 percent of respondents backed taxing income above $10 million at 60 percent or more; with 52 percent behind impeaching Donald Trump.

The Green New Deal, one of Ocasio-Cortez’s largest focuses in Congress which aims to address climate change, received a much smaller 41 percent of overall support, with 51 percent of Democrats and 11 percent of Republicans in favor. On this topic, only 61 percent of those surveyed provided a response.

But survey respondents differed with Ocasio-Cortez over Amazon.

Fifty-seven percent of CD 14 voters think it was bad for New York that Amazon cancelled its plans to build a new headquarters in Long Island City while 32 percent say it was good for New York, and by 58-35 percent, voters in CD 14 support Governor Cuomo’s efforts to woo Amazon to reconsider its decision.

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Of course they favor her. She keeps saying she’s giving “free” this “free”that.
Nothing is free. It comes out of ALL OUR TAXES!

Joanne Duffy

I for one think she is a breath of fresh air and would vote for her again and again! She is a truth teller and a pretty smart cookie if you ask me.


I’m a real Democrat (not a socialist) and a lifelong resident of NY14 (Queens), with family roots going back 150 years in this community. I AM RUNNING FOR CONGRESS HERE IN 2020, but the local media refuses to acknowledge me. They only give time to AOC and a Republican challenger from the Bronx. My twitter (@A4NY14) followers list grows daily, as does anti-AOC sentiment, but somehow the local media seems to be missing the true voice of the people here. I am throwing down the gauntlet — local media needs to acknowledge the Democratic challengers who plan to primary AOC in 2020. The people she doesn’t want you to talk to and is hoping to silence!

Crackson Heights

Really lest you forget she had Zero media attention during her campaign. No one in America knew her. She put the work in and so did her volunteers. It’s the fact that a unknown bar tender won against one of the most powerful Dems in congress with zero PAC money that she is getting the attention. I’m all for democracy so if you want to run go ahead. But please stop whining that you aren’t getting media coverage you want to get your name out there put in the work. Why should I vote for someone who whines about not getting attention from the media you should be getting OUR attention like she did .


AOC was well funded by the Justice Democrats/ Brand New Congress (Cenk Uygur). They helped her and set her up to Primary against Crowley. Don’t give up though. People now see what she is really about. Rules for thee, not for me…

JH resident

Of course she’s viewed favorably in her district. She’s a Latina who won in a Latino district…identity politics.

ANOTHER racist comment from JH resident?!

Luckily no white men voted for Trump or you’d sound a complete idiot!

JH resident

You must be one of the racist Latinos who live in this area…intolerant of all other ethnicities, demanding businesses speak Spanish with you, and thinking you “own” this city since the city government caters to your kind with handouts.

I’ve never seen you post a comment expressing your opinion or point-of-view on an article, all you’re capable of is trolling other commenters.


Haha majority of people in this district are illiterate morons so it doesn’t surprise me. There should be a basic IQ test to get voting privilages.

Native New Yorker

If IQ testing were required to vote, no Republican would ever be elected again.


That’s the real problem in this country – people only think about reps vs Dems. Comparing current red or blue is like comparing AIDS and HIV both of them are not so good to have. The fact that one is slightly better makes you wanna get it? Divid and conquer since Roman times works best!

Maybe you should learn how to spell "privilages" before you call other people stupid

not a huge shocker for a Trumptard but just sayin

Rico Suave

The most important part of this article is that only 48% of all voters would vote to reelect her. That means that 52% of all voters are more likely to vote for another candidate, which is good news! If AOC is reelected, the whole country will be laughing at the people of District 14. How stupid can people be to vote for her?


Hardly credible.
Then seeing who conducted the “research”, more so!!!
More illegal voting to come…

ANOTHER racist Trump voter?!

> More illegal voting to come…

Is there any reason to believe this, or just more racist speculation from Trumpeters?


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