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NYPD: Man shot in torso on Jackson Heights street Tuesday

Jan. 18, 2017 Staff Report

An unidentified man was shot in the torso in Jackson Heights last night, police said.

The victim was shot around 8 p.m. outside of 90-01 37th Avenue by a man who quickly fled the scene, according to police.

The victim was taken to Elmhurst Hospital for treatment and is in stable condition.

The police do not have a description of the suspect and are still investigating the shooting.

This area of Jackson Heights has been a hotbed for violence going back years.

In 1991 a shootout at 90th Street and 37th Avenue killed four people. More recently, there was a fatal stabbing on the same corner in 2014 and a shooting in a botched robbery in 2015.

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Tara Nace

Truth be told as you go over the statistics on the reports it’s not immigrants that are coming in the crimes it’s actually people that are New York City residents AKA citizens of the United States thank you and have a good day

Herman Joseph Morales

Seriously , Jackson Heights is a great neighborhood , peaceful and pleasant , these are random acts committed by mentally ill persons , that can not be avoided in any neighborhood where poverty and homelessness exist next to luxury and some of the finest housing in America , My solution to this problem is find out which were the months of the year that these mortal crimes were committed in , and . then post a NYPD mobile station at that 90 street location .and improve metal health services . GOD Bless ,


Going to get? Crime has always happened in Jackson Heights. Also, the Crime rate in Jackson Heights has gone down over the years.

Nat Turner

What are those camera recording that are right there on the light pole. They were there back in 2014. Can the police or community board give us some sign that they’re recording “SOMETHING” and not just there for show?! How many crimes have been captured on those things, and that were solved.


Ummm..Its been dangerous. What real estate broker told you it wasn’t when you moved here? Its not known as “Crackson Heights” for nothing.. Just saying!


They clearly don’t know the history of our hood lol move away. Maybe the rents will lower again haha


Ha people swear Jackson Heights is a ghetto. The only part that is ghetto is like 2 blocks west of Corona and thats on because its on the border of Corona and then once you start going in you see so many nice apartments and architecture. Then you see so many mixed races and even so many white people having a nice stroll. Get out of her with “Jackson Heights is the hood” you guys keep swearing it is when its not.


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