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Number of New York Residents Deported Has Jumped Since Trump Took Office: Report

Cover Photo of The Demographics of Detention Report

Feb. 21, 2019 By Christian Murray

The number of arrests, deportations and immigration court proceedings brought by ICE involving New York residents has surged since President Donald Trump took office, according to a scathing report released today by Comptroller Scott Stringer.

The report, titled “The Demographics of Detention,” noted that nearly 2,600 people were deported by ICE officers in New York in 2018, up from about 1,050 in 2016–the final year of the Obama administration. The figures, based on court records, represent a 150 percent increase.

Stringer, who describes Trump’s immigration policies as xenophobic and racist, is calling on the city and state to provide greater protections for undocumented immigrants, who he says play a significant role in the success of the city.

“Let’s be clear: Undocumented New Yorkers are the fabric of our city. But even in a sanctuary city like New York, the escalation of ICE raids, arrests and intimidation is terrorizing the every day life of our neighbors and forcing undocumented New Yorkers into the shadows.”

The number of New Yorkers deported who had no criminal convictions reached 1,144 in 2018, up from 313 in 2016, according to the report. This 265 percent increase represented the largest jump of any ICE field office in the nation.

Immigration Cases (Stringer Report)

Furthermore, the number of immigration court cases brought against New York City residents increased to over 19,750 in 2018, up 30 percent from 2016. Nearly half of these cases involved Queens residents.

Stringer is calling on the city to expand its programs that provide free legal services for immigrants facing deportation. Currently, undocumented immigrants are able to get free legal representation through a number of city-funded programs. However, undocumented immigrants convicted of certain crimes are excluded.

Stringer wants the city to allow all undocumented immigrants–including criminals–to be able to access these free services, arguing that all people deserve access to legal counsel, particularly those facing deportation.

Immigration Cases By Borough (Stringer Report)

Stringer is also calling on the city to continue to support a fund that helps immigrants cover their bond while being detained during deportation proceedings. The median bond set in New York City in 2017 was $7,500.

He is also calling on the state to pass legislation that would restrict ICE officers’ access in and around court houses.

“I stand with Comptroller Stringer in demanding greater protections for families targeted by ICE under the cruel policies of the Trump administration,” said Assembly Member Catalina Cruz, who represents Jackson Heights. “This reprehensible and unjust conduct…can not be tolerated in New York City.”

Stringer said the number of cases brought against immigrants stepped up immediately following Trump’s inauguration, who adopted a tough policy.

He said that when Obama was in office, ICE agents were directed to prioritize the removal of a narrow class of immigrants—namely, those convicted of certain serious crimes or who had only recently entered the country and did not have family or children in the country.

Trump has adopted a wider policy of also going after people who have committed a “chargeable criminal act,” without regard to whether the individual has been convicted, according to Stringer.

ICE, however, has taken exception to New York’s policies and its hostility to the agency. It took a shot at New York officials last month after it conducted a raid that led to the arrest of 118 undocumented immigrants, 107 of whom were convicted criminals or had pending charges.

ICE said that 35 of the individuals arrested had been released by local law enforcement—despite ICE seeking the authorities to place a hold on them. It said the New York’s policies were putting the public at risk.

But Stringer—along with most New York elected officials– argue that ICE has struck fear into the community.

Stringer said that Trump’s enforcement practices and measures such as banning nationals from seven “Muslim” countries—and separating parents from their children at the Mexican border—is leading to anxiety and distrust among immigrant communities.

“ICE has strayed too far from its original mission and has been allowed to function with little to no oversight during the Trump administration as the agency carries out the Presidents continuous attacks on immigrant communities,” said Congress Member Adriano Espaillat, who represents upper Manhattan and parts of the Bronx. ”It remains critical that we continue our efforts to ensure protections and immigrant rights.”

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Rican on the 80.

JH Resident you must have a guilty conscience or something, my comment said nothing about white people, I know the truth hurts.

JH resident

@ Rican on the 80.

You tend to make ignorant comments completely irrelevant to the article topics…anything to disparage or try to put white people on the same level as illegal aliens, right?

Butter weeda and 9 trey

Here we go again! yeah convicted on felony rape robbery assault burglary petty theft. Guess what?? your getting sent back to what ever burg you sprang from after your jail sentence. Our commissar Cuomo and his minion Wilhelm kind heartily hands out everything to someone who just hopped the fence the night before . How about helping tax paying citizens first? Too much to ask for?? That’s why Mr. stringer the exodus from the City of nowhere pensioners and residents alike are running away from here. Doesn’t take a great piece of detective work to figure that one out. Guess what Scott! The chief jurist was quoted “this may be a sanctuary city” but the court room isn’t. Wake up Scott There are too many of your colleagues that have beaten u to the left and garnered a following. Too late to through your hat into the race for mayor.


I find it extremely annoying and immoral that money is being spent for the comfort of ILLEGALS. Now NY politicians want free health care for ILLEGALS. Our veterans and now 9/11 heroes have to fight to keep health benefits! Disgusting! I think the issue of what ILLEGALS are ENTITLED to get on taxpayers dime should be put on a ballot and voted upon by the taxpaying citizens throughout the U.S.. I only know how my friends and relatives are struggling with their health care costs, drug costs, costs of putting their children through college, pay housing costs, etc. with no free anything! Disgraceful!

Sara Ross

I’m all for people from other countries coming here for a better life for themselves and their families (especially from countries where there is violence going on) but my grandparents came here in steerage to Ellis Island when there were no social programs. If you didn’t have a job or a place to live, you were sent back. They had mental and physical tests that they gave you (go to Ellis Island and see what these immigrants, who wound up building this city, in more ways than one, went through to stay here). I’m not for the NYID program, food stamps, section 8 housing, NYS benefit cards, or giving out drivers licenses without the drivers having insurance or immigrants that have been here over 20 years and STILL don’t speak the language, at least broken English. It’s an insult when I call even the IRS and have to hear “for english press 1”. If I went to these countries, would the signs be in english? No, but I would want to learn the language so that I could communicate with the people there out of respect. As for ICE, why don’t they check the people working for everybody named Trump to see how they got their work visas. He got 100 work visas for people to work for him at Mar A Lago and considering he’s against chain migration, how the hell were his in-laws allowed to stay here? Just wondering.


Stop voting democrat people. How do illegals and their anchor babies get benefits before citizens do? Hell no. End sanctuary cities now!!!!

Rican on the 80.

They should also deport the priests that sexually assaulted the children,
oh wait they’re U.S. citizen

64th st come see me

How about you just move. Sounds like you hate where you live and the people around you, sounds like you hate your neighborhood more


The “fabric” of our communities are the taxpayers of the communities. The “free” legal services for these ILLEGALS are not free, the taxpayers of our communities are paying for these so called free services! If Stringer and friends want Illegals to get all these “free” services, they should sponsor all these ILLEGALS. Sponsorship is the way immigrants came into this country in the past. No welfare, health care, college, section 8 housing. Very easy to spend taxpayers money. We the taxpayers are struggling to take care of our families. Where is some “free” for us?


I was just at this bodega and the guy in front of me said “is it cool if I don’t pay sales tax, I’m an immigrant.” The bodega owner said that was fine.

^ Trumpeters are gullible enough to believe this


For those of you who don’t like math it’s 90.6% of those arrested who had actual or pending criminal charges.

JH resident

I hope the corrupt city government does not decide to start spending more taxpayer money on illegals. They do not deserve benefits at the expense of legal, law abiding citizens.

If someone is here illegally, they have no basis to stand on. It’s completely disgraceful for elected officials to support them.


You need to clarify and correct your title of this article to read, “Number of illegal New York Residents…” Otherwise it makes it appears as if you’re pro-illegal or pro-sanctuary.

Tree of Liberty

I will watch now.. all the comments will be of against these illegal aliens.. every and see. But the editors of this Jackson Heights Post will falsify the approves to many more nays to these comments. I find it strange.

Pat Macnamara

“118 undocumented immigrants, 107 of whom were convicted criminals or had pending charges”
Excellent work! Keep it up! Don’t let the weak minded liberals undermine the herculean efforts! Roosevelt avenue is a cesspool. Don’t stop until the streets are SAFE AGAIN!!!!

Eileen Bennett

Hold on , just read this article and am I to assume that this is suppose to be a bad???. Not to me it isn’t .Keep up the good work ICE. Your hard work is much appreciated. Thank you.


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