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Nearly 1,400 Queens Residents Have Died From COVID-19

Mayor Bill de Blasio at today’s daily briefing (Mayor’s Office)

April 9, 2020 By Allie Griffin

More than 4,000 New York City residents have died of the novel coronavirus and nearly a third of the deaths have been Queens residents, according to city data released this morning.

In total, 4,426 New Yorkers have been killed by the virus in the Big Apple — 1,377 of whom called Queens home.

The borough remains “the epicenter of the epicenter” with the highest number of confirmed cases. As of this morning, 27,063 residents have been infected by the deadly virus — a large chunk of the 84,373 cases citywide.

Statewide, 799 New Yorkers died yesterday — the highest number of deaths in a single day for the third day in a row. The death toll was 779 on Tuesday and 731 on Monday.

Despite the colossal loss of life, daily hospitalizations across the city have begun to drop and stabilize — a positive sign that New York City has begun to flatten its coronavirus curve.

The city may begin to lift some restrictions by mid-May or June if improvements continue, Mayor Bill de Blasio said today. He did not say what restrictions would be lifted first.

He did note that the city plans to keep most people working from home for the foreseeable future.

De Blasio said that the progress the city has made in stopping the spread is likely to mean that the months ahead might not be as bad as expected.

“May might be easier than I originally feared it would be,” he said.

De Blasio said that the restrictions will drop once a number of goals have been achieved.

He said that the number of hospital admissions must fall and stabilize for a sustained period of time. Additionally, ICU admissions and the percentage of people testing positive must also fall over a long period.

“If we really work hard we have a chance of seeing change in May or June,” he said, as he urged New Yorkers to do their part.

He said residents must strictly follow social distancing orders and stay home as much as possible, so that the numbers will continue to level out.

Expanded testing from the federal government is also necessary to return back to normal life, the mayor said.

“We need a whole lot of testing,” de Blasio said. “We need the federal government to step up, we need them to do it quickly.”

DOH: April 9, 2020 at 9:30 a.m.

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hello hope u r fine. sir im very bad condition no job. no money no food. even then i didnt pay for the bill rent n others. please help me.

Andy Sanchez

Praying for my Astoria, East Elmhearst (formerly Jackson Heights,Flushing and Woodside family and friends!!!!!!!

Jose Sanchez

it surprises me that a city so large and with so much tourist has not fumigated the street in queens especially around the area of Elmhurst the amount of dead in queens is alarming and the only thing they do is talk and talk places like colombia and japan china
they spray the street let this messages know to the goverment

Dee Rao Walker

ATTENDED MY Music Movements & Rhythms classes the past 18 years!

I would like to Wish ,Good Health Peace, Courage -& Love & of course Music Music & More Music- It’s A Lifestyle!


How do you find out if a relative in the Astoria area has been hospitalized from Covid-19.

Wake up

You call them and ask them . They have this wonderful new invention called the cellular phone! Its incredible! You can call from it, get emails, texts. It really is amazing

Top Hat.

If they hope to see a change in May or June then NYC should educate people about being clean and practicing good hygiene. You don’t have to be rich to live clean. Education helps, some people come with tradition that don’t care about being clean. The City , the Health Department and community leaders should do more .


And they still want to add more residential building, Jackson Heights is over crowded , the schools are over crowded , the buses & trains are crowded.


FOR THE PAST 9 YEARS There’s a gathering of more than 50 people at a fruit stand located in front of 96-15 e Roosevelt Ave. Queens N.Y. 11368 ground floor. This fruit stand obstructs the sidewalk for pedestrians to walk by there’s no room. Street vendors are allowed 10 feet by 5 feet of space with all merchandise kept either on or under the stainless steel table. This fruit vendor has expanded beyond the stainless steel table’s, This fruit stand has 5 aisles of crates full of merchandise & each aisle contains 40 boxes of fruits and vegetables on top of crates on the ground floor. This fruit stand has a mobile vendors permit license another violation because it became effective two weeks ago no mobile vendors are allowed till the quarantine is over. This fruit stand also has the wrong permit their suppose to have a STREET VENDORS PERMIT not a MOBILE FOOD VENDORS PERMIT another violation their committing to their permits. This fruit stand has its regular number of employees working which is 5, their suppose to reduce their employees to 50% which they haven’t another violation. This same fruit stand owner has 2 more stands right under the train station from junction blv (7line), and 2 more stands in front of SPRINT located in 37-50 Junction Blvd, Queens, NY 11368 and all of these fruit stands SHARE THE SAME MOBILE VENDOR PERMIT that’s another violation. PLEASE CALL 311 TO GIVE COMPLAINTS TO SHUT DOWN THESE STREET VENDORS. In times of crisis like this season of the CORONA VIRUS these people should STOP selling and STAY HOME because all these fruit stand positions attract a lot of GATHERING’S and reality is that many more people from all ages are going to end up getting SICK FROM CONSUMING THESE UNHYGIENIC PRODUCTS. The conditions of this fruit stand is NOT SANITARY AT ALL.The fruit’s and vegetables of the super markets are better quality and are healthier although it costs a little more. This street vendor is not included in the list of essential jobs, but their money hungry that they never respect the laws and do what they want. It’s at its best interest for the queens community to shut down this street vendor fruit stand. It is NOT desirable to have this fruit stand in the community to help combat the spread of the CORONA VIRUS among groups of people. THE U.S.A NOW LEADS THE WORLD WORST EPIDEMIC CENTER OF CONFIRMED CORONA VIRUS CASES SPECIALLY IN NEW YORK CITY, QUEENS 11368. All Street Vendor’s are infecting and making the community more ill because dirt and dust and who knows what else falls on these products due to the fact that many of these fruit stands are under the rails of the 7 line train and this type of merchandise are exposed outdoors in the street’s from 7am – 10pm every day. Take a test, leave something dumped under the train rails and leave that object there for 15 hours and you will see how dirty the object will be full of dirt and dust at night. Please have your health in consideration when buying items being sold in the streets under train tracks, its very unsanitary and unhealthy to eat anything being sold under the train tracks due to the fact a lot of dirt/fluff/trash falls off the train tracks and train stations & this is the same dirt that lands on these fruits and vegetables and these are the same contaminated fruits and vegetables ya buy, go home and cook, & give to your children to consume/eat. Many of these fruits stands are family members and they only care about making money regardless of the circumstances or law’s.All of These fruit stand booths are not helping everyone to stay away from each other to avoid becoming infected with the virus. MY LOCAL PRECINT 115 DOESNT DO ANYTHING ABOUT THIS SITUATION⚠️. Since 2011 This Fruit Stand take’s up too much sidewalk space with infested vegetables and fruits full of germs, causing an increase of sidewalk garbage. This fruit stand keep’s sidewalks dirty with carton boxes and garbage creating a BIGGER EPIDEMIA in our community #11368 of RODENTS/FLIES/INSECTS specially summer time. Fruit vendors litter sidewalk’s & street’s with piles of carton boxes being loaded down from their commercial trucks every day. Fruit vendors also have their commercial trucks parked all day on 97st Roosevelt ave, Queens, N.Y 11368 from 7am-11pm when their supposed to be parked the most 2-3 hours on a bussy avenue where ambulances and fire trucks and the NYPD CAN’T pass by easily due to too much COMMERCIAL TRUCK TRAFFIC.

Please remove all MOBILE FOOD VENDORS/ STREET VENDORS for a cleaner and presentable environment and community!!!!!!


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