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Moya Secures Funding for Additional Trash Pickups in Jackson Heights, Corona, Elmhurst

37th Avenue and 76th Street Jackson Heights (Photo: QueensPost)

Aug. 28, 2020 By Christian Murray

Council Member Francisco Moya has allocated $160,000 for cleanup services across Corona, East Elmhurst and Jackson Heights.

The new funds aim to make up for the recent cut backs in trash pickup service on local streets– in the wake of the city slashing the Dept. of Sanitation budget by $106 million in the current fiscal year.

“The condition of our streets is simply unacceptable right now,” Moya said in a statement. “Our community is still grappling with the devastating aftermath of being the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak in the U.S. and the last thing they should have to deal with is garbage piling up on every corner on top it.”

Moya allocated $80,000 to DSNY and $80,000 to ACE Programs for the Homeless, a non-profit organization that provides homeless New Yorkers job training, work experience and a support network to help them reach financial independence.

The new DSNY funding will be used to add eight hours of additional litter basket service along 16 routes in the district on Sundays and three hours of overtime litter basket pickups along five routes Tuesday through Thursday. The additional service will last 36 weeks until June 2021, with an 8-week service break during winter.

ACE will focus on Corona Plaza and work with Council Member Moya to identify areas that need additional attention.

“I’m proud to allocate these funds to clean up our community and provide residents with the quality-of-life conditions they deserve. Thank you to DSNY and ACE Programs for the Homeless for all their hard work in building a safer and cleaner community.”

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Pat Sarsfield

Wonderful news. The situation on Northern Blvd between 89th Street and 82nd is appalling. I do think much of the problem could be resolved by the store owners and the landlords with apartments on Northern. I wish we, as a community could all come together and work to help the city out at such a critical time. It is very sad to see this happen and we are all responsible.


Oh good! He finally did something useful. Now maybe he can start doing something about the crime. You know; the nightly stabbings, assaults, junkies shooting up in the lobbies of apartment buildings, gangs running amok in his district, robberies, that sort of thing.

Lifelong JH

Thank you Council Member Moya. I have written to several local leaders with only one commenting about lack of funding. Ultimately, it is up to everyone not to put garbage into a full street corner container. Either wait for another container with room or take the garbage home for disposal. It is also known that many homeowners use public street containers for their private use.

Jose Sanchez

surprise someone with small statuses like moya secure that amount of money for Jackson heights and our big guns in congress zero and they want us to vote for her thank you Mr moya


Jackson Heights
A Garden in the City.
Thank you Councilmember Moya for helping.


It would be nice if the people who live here would stop being so lazy and selfish and take some pride in the neighborhood and help clean up. Things are tough, people are home ,put your mask and gloves on and go out and help clean up. Heaven forbid neighborhood residents would help.


I agree, but why don’t the people around here learn to be more responsible. Not just with their trash, but in general? It isn’t my responsibility to clean up after a bunch of degenerates who refuse to learn how to function in a civilized society.

Stew Gotts.

Definitely a health issue , thank you Councilmember Moya for taking action . Senator Jessica Ramos is unaware and out of touch with what is going on in the neighborhood.

Duke of Heights

Apparently Senator Jessica Ramos is not bothered by the garbage or crime in Jackson Heights, Corona or Elmhurst. At least someone wants to clean up the community.

Jose Sanchez

your comment reflects what this senator think about our community what she wants is to does penalize prostitution thank for your comment you are not alone

Jackson Heights thanks you

Thank you Councilmember Moya for helping to clean up the neighborhood, both Councilmember Daniel Dromm & Senator Jessica Ramos do absolutely nothing productive.


I wrote Councilmenber Dromm and received a response telling me that funds had been cut. That was it.

JH rez

Actually, Dromm has been funding extra sanitation pick ups and ACE cleaning for years. Not sure about Ramos.


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