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Mexican National Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison For Reentering United States Following Deportation

Oct. 31, 2018 By Christian Murray

A 38-year-old Jackson Heights man was sentenced to nearly 5 years in prison today for illegally reentering the United States after being deported twice.

Rogelio Mendez, a Mexican citizen who pleaded guilty to third-degree rape last year, was initially deported in 2004 after serving a two-year prison term for possessing a loaded firearm in Queens, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the East District.

He illegally reentered the country in 2005 and was deported again in 2009 again.

Mendez illegally returned in 2010 and then on Sept. 11, 2016, while employed at a restaurant on Long Island, raped a woman at a home that he shared with his co-workers. He was sentenced to 30 months in prison for the rape.

He was sentenced this morning to 57 months for illegally reentering the country following deportation. The 57 months are to be served after his 30 months for the rape conviction are complete.

“Mendez repeatedly showed contempt for the rule of law by reentering the United States twice after he was first deported,” said United States Attorney Richard Donoghue. “The Department of Justice has made criminal immigration enforcement a priority, and today’s sentence should serve as a deterrent to others who would illegally return to the United States after having been deported.”



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How about the crimes he committed which he was not arrested for? In total he’ll be in prison about 5 years and be deported once again and he’ll probably come out of prison more talented and a graduate prison university with a Masters degree in crime. These are the people that give all Mexicans a bad name.


He does derserved the charges as well not only the deportation charge but in prison only s small percentage take classes for degrees so you saying that makes no sense


** News Flash **
Some American Men do go to others countries to rape under age prostitutes.
Yes it does happen Tony .


Tic-Tac, paying under aged prostitutes is despicable and the guilty should be prosecuted. You’ll get no argument from me. But, there is a difference between rape and prostitution. MEXICAN CITIZEN Rogelio Mendez was not charged with paying for sex, he was charged and pleaded guilty to RAPE.

If your concern is the “under aged” I would suggest that you place worry toward the many unaccompanied minors who hiden amounst these approaching caravans. They are not being brought to the United States to work in the sweatshops of yesteryear. No, many of these children are being smuggled here to be forced into prostitution. This exploitation is carried out by frequent border jumpers the likes of Mr. Mendez.

Random guy

No excuses for this criminal , he should be punished. The same as the American citizen that commit crimes like these. ( because some American citizen do rape , murder and assault also )

Rican on the 80.

Tony if you want to have a discussion about rape include Harvey Weinstein for the whites and Bill Cosby for the blacks.


Dear “Rican on the 80”? The discussion is not about rape specifically. The discussion and this news article is about an uninvited illegal alien criminal sneaking into America. If you’re not going to read the story at least read the headline “Mexican National Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison For Reentering United States Following Deportation”.

Rape, carrying a loaded firearm and no doubt countless other crimes is what our MEXICAN CITIZEN Mr. Rogelio Mendez brings to this country. By attempting to make this solely about rape you appear to be defending of his other habitual criminal activities and Rogelio’s complete disreguard for our laws (starting with the immigration laws).

Your need to comment on “the whites” and “the blacks” also seems to be misplaced. The oh, yeah …what about them defense is no defense.

Finally, I’m just curious… What doe the “Rican” (in Rican on the 80) mean? Is it Puerto Rican?, Costa Rican?, Nuyorican? ….etc. Just asking.

JH resident

Why hasn’t Catalina Cruz held a rally to show her support for his rights to be in the US?

Completely disgusting how the pro-illegal immigrant crowd wants to focus on sob stories that fit their narratives instead of condemning criminals like Mendez.


After 2 years in jail “for possessing a loaded firearm in Queens” Mexican citizen ROGELIO MENDEZ was deported.

Now Mexican citizen ROGELIO MENDEZ has pleaded guilty to RAPE! This time ROGELIO has been sentenced to only 5 years in prison (not long enough).

This undocumented Mexican citizen (ROGELIO MENDEZ) has 3 times entered our country illegally. He comes here not for good, not to contribute, not pretending to pay taxes and not to work at “jobs Americans won’t do”. His life of crime begins with illegal act of crossing the border, but doesn’t end there.

Twice deported for serious crimes, and yet he is still welcome into this once great “santcury city”.

Time now for all of the Open Borderists to chime in and excuse the behavior of another poor Mexican citizen ROGELIO MENDEZ.


Look at all the thumbs down? Jackson Heights is lost if a gun toting RAPIST being sent to jail is met with such disapproval. tsk, tsk


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