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Man Arrested For Assault Of 69-Year-Old, Says He Was Protecting Family


Nov. 23, 2015 Staff Report

A man who lived in the homeless shelter that was formerly the Pan Am Hotel was arrested for assaulting a 69-year-old man near P.S. 102 in October, according to the Queens District Attorney’s office.

David McLean was arraigned on Wednesday for an altercation that occurred on Oct. 28 at roughly 4:45 p.m., near the intersection of Van Horn Street and 52nd Avenue.

McLean allegedly pushed the 69-year-old, Mei Hua Wang, causing him to fall onto the ground and suffer substantial pain to his back. Wang was transported to a local hospital and treated for spine fractures and a compression to the spine, according to District Attorney Richard Brown.

However, McLean filled a police report of his own with the 110 Precinct on Oct. 29, stating, “an Asian male would not stop staring at me and my family.”

The male, later identified as Wang, allegedly said something to McLean while approaching his family. McLean then pushed the man away, according to the complaint with Brown’s office.

“I pushed him to protect my kids. I didn’t push him that hard,” McLean said, according to the complaint.

McLean was arrested and arraigned on Nov. 18 with charges of third degree assault. He is due back in court on Jan. 21.

The District Attorney’s office confirmed that McLean lived in the Boulevard Family Shelter, formerly the Pan Am Hotel.

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Joe at the Berkley

– Leeza When people age into their senior years their muscles and joints weeken and bones become bridle from conditions like osteoporosis. So a falls can be detrimental. You really needed this explained to you?

Victor Enriquez

Danial Dromm supports the Pan Am shelter, so not only the shelter has to go, Dromm has to go as well.


Agree. This shelter has to go. The crime around the area has gone up in the community since this shelter opened. This person brutally punched the victim in the back after the 69 year old victim passed him. The victim only looked at the daughter as she had a dress similar to his granddaughter whom he was rushing to pick up from school. He claims that he was “protecting” his family but has no issue with beating a person 30 years older than him in front of his two kids and leave him lying in the rain. Great example as a parent and human being to show your kids.

Joe at the Berkley

That shelter needs to go. Cops there every time i drive by, every. Many of the people there are have a lot of animosity towards the Asian home owners in the neighborhood and in many cases behave with racist behavior toward them….I was at my sons house the day the new residents game off those buses holding signs reading go back to China…


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