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Lottery Opens for 23 ‘Affordable’ Units in New Queens Boulevard Development, Start at $1,890 a Month

46-02 70th St. (Angelo NG & Anthony NG Architects Studio)

Jan. 22, 2019 By Nathaly Pesantez

More than 20 apartments are up for grabs in a new affordable housing lottery for a soon-to-be completed development along Queens Boulevard in Woodside.

J&J Tower, a nine-story project at 46-02 70th St., is offering 23 apartments ranging from studios and two bedrooms, starting at a monthly rent of $1,890 a month and going up to $2,530.

The units are available to households earning 130 percent of the Area Median Income.

Five studios are available to households of up to two people, with two available at $1,890 and three going for $1,920. The latter three studios require a household income between $65,829 and $95,030 for a single-person household to quality, and goes up to $108,550 for a family of two.

Six one-bedroom units are also available for households of up to three people, and are split into two units at $2,150 a month and another four at $2,230 a month.

A single person needs to earn between $73,715 and 95,030 to quality for the $2,150 unit, with the maximum going up to $122,070 for a three-person household.

The minimum income to qualify for one of the $2,230 one-bedroom units is set at $76,458.

The remaining 12 units in the lottery are two-bedroom apartments for household sizes of two to five people, and are also divided into monthly rents of $2,475 or $2,530.

Four two-bedroom units are available for the monthly $2,475 price tag, and require a minimum income of $84,858 to qualify. A two-person household must earn no more than $95,030 to be considered, with the range boosting to $146,510 for a five-person household.

The eight two-bedroom units require a minimum income of $86,743, and hit a maximum of $108,550 for a family of two and $146,510 for a five-person household.

The application is open to all, with New York City residents receiving a general preference for the apartments.

A preference for a percentage of the units goes to applicants with mobility and vision and hearing disabilities.

To apply, visit NYC Housing Connect and follow the instructions on the lottery notice. Applications must be postmarked or submitted online no later than March 15.

Work began on the 74-unit building, once the site of a auto shop, in 2015.

46-02 70th St. as seen in July 2018. (Google Maps)

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Rico Suave

The housing problem in NYC is not caused by the landlords or developers. It is caused by the politicians with their draconian policies of rent control, zoning laws, sanctuary city laws, subsidizing developers, etc. And on top if that there are radical groups that make building in NYC costly and difficult. Add that up and the result will be the lack of unaffordable housing.

JHeights my whole life

Who defines affordable? Who is it that gets to say almost 2000$ for a studio is a good price? This is what the politicians should be focused on. Our city has people leaving by the thousands every year the main reason is lack of affordable housing. That’s why we have 12 people in a two bedroom apartment these days. Affordable give me a break.

JH resident

People who work honestly and pay taxes are leaving for a better quality of life, but the influx of illegals are more than offsetting that loss.

This city is headed for financial ruin given how demographics are trending. When that happens, no one in any borough will be able to charge these ridiculous rents.

Lennot DeVenuto

Rent anyplace today is out of control. I now live in Ga I pay 1218.00 a month, but mine came with a microwave, dishwasher & washer & dryer what amenities do these apartments Coe with.

LIC Resident

They will likely have dishwasher, washer and dryer, but not a Microwave. You are probably not getting paid as well in GA for your 1218 month rent, compared to NY. Did you know in SF if you make $100k, you are considered low income? It’s the world we live in.


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