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Local Precinct Community Council Launches “Blue Ribbon Challenge” to Support NYPD

(110th Precinct Community Council Twitter)

Feb. 18, 2020 By Allie Griffin

A local NYPD precinct community council launched a “NYPD Blue Ribbon” social media challenge last week to show support for police officers.

The 110th Precinct Community Council — which encompasses Corona and Elmhurst — challenged New Yorkers to tie blue ribbons around trees, poles or fences in their community and to post photos of the ribbons on social media in a display of support for the city’s officers in blue.

The president of the 110th Precinct Community Council, Albert Perna, tied the first blue ribbon around a tree on 108th Street in Corona Thursday night.

“This is to symbolize that we’re here for NYPD and we’re backing the blue 100 percent,” Perna said to a cheering crowd outside the Flanders Field VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) Post #150, located at 51-11 108th St.

Perna challenged the 111th, 112th and 115th Precincts to tie their own blue ribbons, as well as New Yorkers across the five boroughs.

The supportive campaign comes after a string of NYPD suicides. Ten officers took their lives in 2019 and yesterday a NYPD detective committed suicide in Middle Village.

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Dick Elliott

Yeah, more blue ribbons…right……..Let’s take the handcuff’s off the Police and keep thugs in prison where they belong. What we need are more “Street Cop’s” keep the brass and boss’s in city hall where they belong.

Whites are minorities

People like you are the problem. Your the same person who dont want more police on trains. Probably have generations of your family on welfare or public assistance. But its blame the police and blame the white man. People like you are the reason there are race issues.


What’s next — the old mafia pulling a minority card for being hunted by FBI for years? What happened to the old “you do the crime, you do the time?”


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