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Local Activist Groups to Host ‘Cop & I.C.E. Watch Training’ Workshop on Thursday

Cop & ICE Watch Training Event flyer

Feb. 6, 2019 By Meghan Sackman

A number of grassroots organizations from across Queens are hosting a workshop in Jackson Heights Thursday that aims to inform residents of their rights when dealing with the NYPD and ICE.

The “Cop & ICE Watch Training” meeting will take place on Feb. 7 from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Jewish Center of Jackson Heights, at 37-06 77th St., and aims to teach people about their constitutional rights and how they should protect themselves if they are approached by authorities.

Speakers plan to provide tips as to how residents should deal with law enforcement should they be arrested or witness an unwarranted arrest or raid.

Such advice includes recording all interactions with the NYPD and ICE and sending them to the New York Civil Liberties Union or local officials if they see something untoward.

The event is being organized by several groups, including the Nepali human rights group Adhikaar, Hate Free Zone, Damayan Migrant Workers Association, Desis Rising Up & Moving (DRUM), Justice Committee, and Queens Neighborhoods United (QNU).

“We hope people will learn how they should protect themselves from any ICE stop or raid, as well as any interaction with the NYPD,” said co-founder and organizer of QNU, Tania Mattos.

“Folks are confused about whether it’s legal or not to record an arrest,” Mattos said, whose group has already held two similar events. “If they are not interfering with the arrest, it’s completely legal. We want to see people feel confident and safe to walk around their communities and know what their rights are with both agencies.”

Mattos said the meeting will help citizens understand the line between what’s legal and illegal when it comes to the actions taken by both authorities and civilians.

Mattos said that ICE has already stepped up its presence in the neighborhood since the start of the Trump administration. She said that presence is only going to increase, especially following Sunday’s shooting at the 90th Street-Elmhurst Ave station.

The Thursday event is open to all and the organizers will be providing food and child care services for attendees. 

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If I was mayor I would have the 115 go on vacation for a week, and see what happens when there’s no cops around. MS-13 and people who overstay tourist visas to come here illegally don’t care about laws. The poor guy was shot in the face with his own gun and they were BOTH illegal aliens who aren’t authorized to be in the country. Trump should get smart and flood the NYC area with ICE agents everywhere so you get drive the scum out of NYC. Gangs run around JH with impunity and they don’t give a shit about killing cops. You never hear about the gang activity outside the bowling alley in Woodside. They had a gang hit on a kid right outside the bowling alley, and got caught before they killed the guy. The 115 needs to flood Jackson Heights with cops 24/7 to drive the miscreants out.

Cholo Juan

By the way, it seems that the QNU people are associated with gangs. They are helping raise funds for the gang member that got killed (read their facebook page). This explains why they are against cops, ICE, and all other law enforcement authorities. It also explains why they are against all forms of development in the neighborhood: They want to have the area infested with drugs, prostitution, and crime.


I agree. I would not be surprised QNU is the activist arm of MS13 gang. Police should look into them.


Had very little regard for QNU before, have Z-E-R-O respect for them now. To outwardly support and ask for money for gang members/violent offenders is too much (just look at their FB page). Am very eagerly awaiting their demise as they are a burden on this neighborhood.

Rico Suave

A “Cop and ICE Watch Training”??? Why don’t they host a “MS13 and Illegal Alien Watch Training”? These so called “activists” see our law enforcement people as the enemy, when if fact they are protecting our communities. People get arrested because they are doing something wrong, not because they are angels. It is unacceptable that these organizations protect the interests of gangs and illegals, and allow MS13, Sureno, 18 Street, to flood our neighborhoods. God bless and protects our NYPD and ICE heroes.


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