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Latin King Members Convicted of Brutal Beating That Took Place Outside Jackson Heights Bar: DA


April 25, 2019 By Christian Murray

Three reputed members of the Latin Kings street gang were convicted Wednesday for the brutal beating of a rival gang member outside a Jackson Heights bar in 2016.

Michael Aragundi, 21, of Jamaica, Luis Mayancela, 23, of Astoria, and Luis Minchala, 28, of Jackson Heights, were convicted by a jury of first-degree gang assault, two counts of first-degree robbery and a slew of other charges, according to the Queens District Attorney’s office.

According to court testimony, Aragundi and Mayancela attacked the 24-year-old victim outside of El Paisa bar at 87-05 Northern Blvd. shortly after 1 a.m. on Oct. 29, 2016. The victim was repeatedly punched and stabbed. In addition, one of the defendants beat the man with a cane.

Minchala was not involved in the attack but ordered the hit on the victim as the gang leader and watched to make sure the rival gang member was beaten.

After the attack, the defendants fled the scene leaving the victim bleeding in front of the bar. The wounded man, who had been stabbed a total of 11 times, was transported to a nearby hospital and treated for injuries to his head, neck and other extremities.

Some of the lacerations penetrated the victim’s arm causing permanent nerve damage.

“The defendants cornered and attacked the victim in front of a bar. The victim sustained a series of severe stab wounds during the assault and continues to suffer from nerve damage as a result of the beating he endured,” said Chief Assistant District Attorney John M. Ryan. “The verdict reaffirms that gang violence is unacceptable.”

Minchala failed to show up to court during the closing arguments and is on the run. He is currently being sought as a fugitive by the NYPD’s Warrant Squad.

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Gato Seco

This dude was my friend for 11 years… nice kid, but then he just lost his way. Started smoking weed, then selling it, then selling even harder drugs while joining Latin kings..

like man, you put yourself in this situation almost killing some other dude and robbing him as the cherry on top.

you must now do the time for the crimes you’ve committed, sucks you were a good friend of mine and you destroyed your life.

Hope you turn your life around once you get out and do good things.


“Minchala failed to show up to court during the closing arguments and is on the run. ” DiBlasio city in full effect. Orchestrate a vicious attack and left to roam the streets to commit more crimes.

Why didn't JH resident make a racist comment on this article yet??

Took the weekend off?

JHeights my whole life

Bevause the guys going to prison and the victim were all Hispanic males. This story pleases him.

Juan Garrido

I’m sadly disappointed where is Jessica Ramos and AOC on this incident. Jackson heights constituents and members of a social group called the Latin kings were railroaded !!

jose sanchez

let me correct your comment this incident happens in 2016 ocasio and ramos became elected on 2019 so you forgot who was the senator and congressman in 2016 the next time you want to express your felling make sure who you mention

Juan Garrido

Her socialist predecessors were no better Jose . That’s why Jackson heights has become a dump. Yes I will mention them. Making Jackson heights a dump again. 20 yrs of cleaning it up. Into the toilet

What is she, congressing or something?!

Agreed, why doesn’t a congresswoman comment on every crime that happens in Queens?!

Juan Garrido

I thought our congressional leaders should be involved?? Or do they only get involved to advocate for maggots and parasites who do such horrible things papi??


Why does Latin Kings even still exist? Just dispose of them one by one until they are done. Bending the rules for the right cause never hurt anyone good.

Random guy

With all these gang assaults property value should begin to drop soon in Jackson Heights.


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