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Julissa Ferreras-Copeland is not running for reelection, to finish term at year-end


June 1, 2017 Staff Report

Julissa Ferreras-Copeland, who was elected to the city council in 2009, is not running for re-election.

Ferreras-Copeland, deemed a front runner to become the next Council speaker, told Politico that she made the decision so she could spend more time with her husband and son. She will complete her term at the end of the year.

“After a great deal of thought and prayer, I have decided not to run for re-election,” Ferreras-Copeland said in a statement to POLITICO. “I have had the privilege of representing the 21st District in Queens for 8 years, where I’ve fought for the education of our children, the rights of women and families, and the protection of our immigrants.”

Ferraras-Copeland’s husband works as an aerospace engineer in Maryland, according to POLITICO. He has been splitting his time between Maryland and Queens.

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Spending more time with family has become the default defense line for elected officials when he or she does something illegal. This sudden decision by a woman who was one of the most recognizable and influential of the overpaid city council comes on the heels of Hiram Monseratte, of all people, decided to run for her seat. How could she possibly lose to a ex-con who slashed his girlfriend and embezzled funds from the city.

She can spin it anyway she wants, it still smells fishy. Especially how inherently corrupt city politics have become in the past decade.


Who will Danny Dromm latch onto now to keep his committee chair position and keep the city money flowing for his pride parade? He was right up her backside to be the next speaker.


Danny Dromm was kissing her backside big time! He wants all the perks like his committee chair position and the money the city doles out for his pride parade every year. This parade should be funded by public donations. He uses it as his platform to pull up all his political buddies on the stage and give them air time. Disgusting. Keep the politicians out of pride and return it to its roots.


this means Ratboy Monserat will be elected…. sad. Unles the gays come up with someone real fast.


I’m a fan of Donovan Richards from Queens! He has an incredible track record in the council, he is the kind of politician that I feel like I can trust — that sort’ve exudes a special kind of honesty.

I hope Donovan Richards is the next council speaker!


I think CM Ydanis Rodriguez would be the best City Council Speaker for New York City. I think he’s the kind of leader New Yorkers want representing them and I think he would be a great leader of the Council. If I had a vote (I know we don’t) my vote would be for Ydanis.


I know another Queens elected official who would be great for speaker… Council Member Donovan Richards. We need more black representation in City’s highest positions! My bet is on him.


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