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Jose Peralta is Running on His Ability to Bring Funds to the District

State Sen. Peralta

Sept. 12, 2018 By Tara Law

Although his primary challenger has repeatedly questioned his commitment to the Democratic Party, State Senator Jose Peralta said that the public has all the proof it needs about his progressive values— his record in office.

Peralta has a long history in state government. He was a state assembly member from 2003 to 2010, and has represented the 39th Senate district— Corona, Jackson Heights, Elmhurst— for the last eight years.

The moment for some that defines his time in office, however, came on Jan. 25, 2017–the day he announced plans to join the Independent Democratic Conference, a break-away group of Democratic Senators who aligned themselves with the Republican majority.

Although the IDC dissolved in April, some progressives still feel that Peralta undermined his Democratic principles and the entire party by working with Republicans.

Peralta will face an opponent in the Sept. 13 Democratic primary, Jessica Ramos, who has positioned herself as a “real Democrat” who is loyal to the party.

In Peralta’s view, however, most of his constituents are more concerned with results—which means bringing in much needed state funds to the district. Constituents, he said, are less concerned with absolute party loyalty.

Peralta said that he does not regret joining the IDC because it gave him greater influence and more bargaining power at a time when the Republicans would have controlled the Senate anyway.

“That decision was to have a seat at the table so I could bring resources to my community,” he said.

Protesters in Jackson Heights shortly after Peralta announced IDC affiliation

In Peralta’s opinion, his record proves that he is worthy to be re-elected.

He notes that he supported an increase in the minimum wage; backed Paid Family Leave; helped fund 12 new schools in the district; and brought in $10 million in legal defense funding for immigrants.

Peralta noted that he has also backed numerous bills to help reform rent, such as eliminating vacancy decontrol (which enables landlords to raise the rent of vacant rent-regulated apartments) and ending preferential rent (which allows landlords to increase the rent if tenants are charged less than the amount set for a rent-regulated apartment).

If re-elected, Peralta said that his first priority would be to pass one of his signature legislative efforts— the Dream Act, a bill which would give undocumented immigrants access to financial aid at state colleges. Peralta said that he only needs to gain support from one more senator to pass the bill.

Another priority, he said, is to pass legislation that would strengthen women’s access to abortion—particularly as the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision looks vulnerable.

“There’s no time to waste. You can’t play with that,” said Peralta.

Although he feels that passing the Dream Act and protecting abortion will be straightforward legislative efforts, he feels that reforming the MTA will require more complex effort over a long period of time.

In Peralta’s words, the city’s subway lines must be reformed “piecemeal”— one line at a time— to prevent major disruptions for commuters. A millionaire’s tax and congestion pricing— such as the new surcharge on taxi and Uber rides— would help fund these efforts.

He believes that the state should create a position for an “an independent monitor who has a business background, who understands business and government.”

The goal of this monitor would be to apply business principles to the MTA, such as streamlining the MTA’s finances.

Peralta added that public-private partnerships are the “wave of the future,” and that the state should be more willing to cooperate with businesses that are willing to invest in the subway system.

Peralta said that his constituents can trust that he will get results because he has two things his opponent does not— experience and seniority in the Senate.

“I’ve not only talked the talk, but I’ve walked the walk. I’ve delivered,” said Peralta.

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Peralta wants to help the unauthorized, the undocumented, ILLEGALS get a free college education, driver licenses, free legal defense, subsidized housing, health care, etc., etc. all at taxpayers expense?! I, and most people I know, are struggling to provide these necessities for our own families! We are working overtime and in some cases second jobs to pay for these necessities! These illegals sneak into our country and demand “their rights”! AND our politicians GIVE to these LAWBREAKERS!? What a joke! BUT we as citizens, taxpayers, and voters are ALLOWING this to happen. Then when these ILLEGALS break our laws , for a second time and get caught they complain that they are being separated from their families, should not be deported and are bring mistreated ! If it is so bad here in the United States don’t come here! WE have to vote these insane politicians out of office!

Vinson Valega

Jose Peralta is a treasonous Democrat who quickly threw his own party under the bus in exchange for sweet perks from the Republicans, then when he saw the Blue Wave coming, he ran back to mommy.

He’s corrupt and one of the reasons Dems have not been able to control the Senate in Albany, and thereby legislate TRUE Progressive change.

He deserves to be fired. Vote Jessica Ramos!

Rico Suave

I really don’t know who is worse Peralta or Ramos.
He supported an increase in the minimum wage, which is a job killer, funded 12 new schools to deal with the overcrowding created by illegal immigration; and is making the taxpayer give $10mm in legal defense to people that should not be in this country .

And what is worse we wants to pass a Dream Act to make the taxpayer pay for the education of people that should not be in this country.

I’m sick and tired of this left wing pols.

Stefan V

But you have no problem with corporate welfare in the form of tax breaks, loosened regulation and oversight, and the disenfranchisement of low-wage workers and union members?


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