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Jackson Heights Woman Convicted of 108 Counts of Animal Cruelty


March 15, 2018 By Tara Law

A Jackson Heights woman has been convicted of 108 counts of animal cruelty for neglecting 67 dogs and cats in her care.

Elizabeth Grant, 50, faces up to two years in prison and a ban on owning animals. The pets had developed severe heath problems, including malnutrition and severe infections, after being kept in “deplorable” conditions, according Queens District Attorney Richard Brown.

A crime prevention officer discovered the animals on Jan. 6, 2016 after going to Grant’s home to visit her mother, who had been the victim of a crime. The officer knocked on the door, but no one answered. The officer found that the door was open and spotted animals inside the house living in filthy conditions.

The officer came back on Jan. 28 with ASPCA members. When Grant’s mother answered the door, the investigator saw that the house was covered in feces, fur and trash and reeked of urine. The animals inside the house had patches of missing fur and crusty eyes. One of the cats appeared to be unable to walk.

A search warrant was executed the same day. ASPCA members rescued 55 cats, 12 dogs and two turtles. The workers who rescued the animals needed to wear respirators and protective clothing, said Brown.

A veterinarian and supervisor from the ASPCA’s Forensic Services unit examined the dogs and cats and discovered that many of the pets had severe dental diseases, ear infections, ear mites and many other ailments.

Of these pets, 12 were ultimately euthanized and more than 50 were adopted and placed in homes.

Brown described the defendant’s actions as “depraved.”

“Taking in a dog or cat is a huge responsibility,” said Brown. “In addition to hugs and love, pets need food, a clean home and meticulous care. The defendant in this case collected cats and dogs and did little else to maintain a safe living environment for them.”

Stacy Wolf, the senior vice president of the ASPCA’s Anti-Cruelty Group, thanked the NYPD and the DA’s office for taking action on the animals’ neglect.

“Keeping numerous animals without the ability to provide basic care can result in animal suffering,” said Wolf. “Fortunately, in this case, the ASPCA’s team was able to provide the medical and behavioral treatment necessary to nurse the majority of these animals back to health and find them loving, safe homes.”

Grant will be sentenced on April 29.

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Have you seen what this pig looks like? She should be forced to eat nothing but cracked corn from a trough for a year and live in her own filth…actually, given how her mother and she lived, she might not mind it at all.


Daily News april 26 2016 Accused animal hoarder claims retaliatory prosecution from Queens DA


She’s been fighting the charge, claiming that the DA, the ASPCA, the police department conspired against her, which meant our tax dollars spent on an open-and-shut case. Animal hoarder. What else do we need to know other than that she needs to be given a big ol’ bottle of klonopin.


It’s about time that they lock up that loon. Just out her in a cell with a big ol’ bottle of Klonopin And a stuffed animal to keep that old bag away from any living thing larger than a roach.

Eileen Bennett

That is just what I said reading the story..Why the delay when it was a life and death situation??
Please keep your readers informed of this woman’s eventual outcome.


Legal procedures—they had to get a search warrant and go through the proper channels. And STILL this loon has the audacity of claiming she was the victim of injustice. What about the animals? There is no way she’ll ever stop her hoarding without lady justice throwing the book at her and to find herself looking out from behind bars.


And unless she’s behind bars or heavily medicated, she won’t stop. While I have sympathy for the mentally ill, this old bag is convinced she’s right and has the audacity to waste our tax dollars attacking the institutions that are trying to protect the very animals she’s forced to suffer. A friends drove past her house and there are two aquariums on her porch. I don’t know whether they’re coming or going, but one can only guess.


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