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Jackson Heights resident forms local group to protest Trump at NYC march on Saturday

Jan. 17, 2017 By Hannah Wulkan

A Jackson Heights resident is organizing community members to get involved with the New York offshoot of the national “Women’s March” to protest Donald Trump’s inauguration as President.

Len Maniace, a Jackson Heights community member working outside his role of running the Jackson Heights Beautification Group, has registered a Jackson Heights group to participate in the Women’s March on NYC on January 21. The Jackson Heights group, he said, will meet at 75th Street and Roosevelt Avenue at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday and will then go to the march together.

“A lot of people in Jackson Heights are alarmed that Donald Trump is about to become President and, in the best traditions of our nation and the First Amendment, want to make their voices heard,” Maniace said.

“The election results show that people in Jackson Heights voted overwhelmingly for someone other than Donald Trump. Going as a group, with friends and neighbors, helps combat the feeling that individuals are alone and can’t make a difference. We can make a difference by sticking together and this march in New York City will just be the beginning,” he added.

The Women’s March on NYC is an offshoot of a similar march planned in Washington D.C., initially started as a way for women and supporters to “send a bold message to our new government on their first day in office, and to the world that women’s rights are human rights,” according to the main Women’s March website.

The group meeting in Jackson Heights will travel together to the starting point of the march at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza on Second Avenue and 48th Street in Manhattan to begin marching at 12:30 p.m.

The march will then travel south on 2nd Avenue to 42nd Street, west on 42nd Street to 5th Avenue, and north on 5th Avenue to end at Trump Tower.

Maniace said he is unsure how many people will show up from Jackson Heights, but expects at least a few dozen, with more than 100 people liking the Facebook page he set up for the event.

“Our idea was to publicize the parade in New York and let people know they can participate even if they can’t go to the big march in Washington D.C.,” he said.

Since Maniace launched the Facebook page last week, other Jackson Heights groups have helped organize the event, including the New Visions Democratic Club of Jackson Heights.

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You are an immigrant you BIGOT!! I will only retract my words if you’re a Native American, which, I bet you are not! Grab a history text book and educate yourself before thinking anything your so called “IDOL” is preaching. Anyone who voted for this idiot is a Racist!! you can’t have possibly voted and ignored the lack of eduction this guy has, hence, his very limited vocabulary- SAD! And all his racist remarks and thought- Wow! he’s a winner! By the way I didn’t vote for Hillary! not everyone fighting this idiot of a president voted for Hillary!


Bunch of SORE Losing Hillary Crap, Get On With It LOSERS!! GOOOOOooo TRUMP! Our NEW PRESIDENT…


I think the people with negative comments are missing the point of the March all together. That’s to be expected considering the fact that they think that we’re fighting againstsomething that already happened and that we’re not aware of that. What we are Marching for is to let this President, and his swamp of a staff know that we will not be taking any of his bigoted intolerant misogynistic sexist s***. And we’re letting him know that we’re not going to just lay down and take the horrors that he is planning for this country. We know he’s president and no we are not being sore losers we’re fighting for our rights. But you wouldn’t know that because you think that we’re fighting because we don’t want him to be president. We know he’s already president. And the more you yell at us and tell us that we’re idiots it just fuels the reason for this March even more. So thanks for that. You’re giving us more incentive.


He knows that mostly everyones against him you guys dont need to protest to get ur voices heard. Email or call them to get ur voices heard. I was just in the city and it took me a long time to get home so thank you protesters for that. Saw many angry drivers. And lets talk about that protest in d.c yesterday . They were throwing rocks at the cops, busting store windows and random innocent peoples car windows. Such a shame thats what you guys do to get ur voices heard?

Born and raised jackson heights

Well said. It seems people forget about our first amendment. Maybe they should read it. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. They have the right to protest their beliefs in a peaceful manner. However once they are no longer peaceful they must be arrested. As for the people who say it’s a waste of their time who are u to dictate what a person’s time is worth. It can be easily said posting here is a waste of time but who is the judge of that. However you have the right to your free speech so posting here is your right regardless on what side your on. Now if only everyone could come together and find a common ground that ,will never happen .

Congratulations mr trump

Donald won baby, you can cry all you want about popular vote, it doesn’t work that way. Lovin it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F u Democrats and stupid idiot liberals

Jackson height too many queens

I hope the 7 or 8 people marching walk to another country. Nice protest, hahahahahahahahahaha


We have a different vision for the nation, and in the best traditions of our nation and the First Amendment, are making our voices heard peacefully. Sounds pretty patriotic to me.


Trump lost the election if you take into account the popular vote. Majority of Americans voted for Hillary and other candidates. Trump is a liar, fraud, ignoramus, sex predator! Not MY president. We SHOULD speak up and rally. I am worried about our future. We need to abolish the electoral college! We need someone like Bernie, Elizabeth Warren or Keith Ellison for POTUS in 2020!


We could have had Bernie in 16′ but the DNC threw their own primary. This is a fact. So the corruption (DSW/DB) led us to this moment as ridiculous as it is.

Time for some soul searching at the DNC

Just saying the truth

A protest against him wont do anything to make him not be our president. You guys are just wasting time.


Exactly! Hes our president now, deal with it. Watch him surprise all of you and be a pretty good president


That is not the meaning of the protest. It is more in the nature of we have a different vision and want to make it known that we are here and want to be heard.


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