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Jackson Heights Pet Store Closing After 48 Years

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Aug. 15, 2018 By Tara Law

A Jackson Heights pet store that has been located on Roosevelt Avenue for the past 48 years is closing later this month, a store co-owner confirmed today.

Anna Paul, who owns Coral Aquarium and Pet Center, said the store’s income had declined in recent years and that it was time to close.

Paul said that she believes customers are increasingly shopping online and at big box stores.

“It’s time for us to retire,” said Paul, who owns the 75-03 Roosevelt Ave. store with her ex-husband. “We just can’t make enough money to pay all the bills.”

Paul said that she feels that the Department of Transportation’s Clear Curbs program, which prohibits cars from parking on Roosevelt Avenue during certain hours on weekdays, finally finished off the business. The restrictions made it almost impossible for customers to find parking, Paul said.

Just yesterday, she said, she watched as two or three cars were towed.

Paul said that she learned today that the DOT plans to end the program by the end of the week, but she claims it won’t make a difference for her store.

“It’s too late for us,” Paul said.

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Mirian Animas

Wow amazing how my cousins and how lucky I am to say the Chiquillos worked here. Proud enough to say they are cousins. It’s sad to see this store close after many years and now that I have pets of my own can’t seem to find the right place to get affordable prices for my dogs and cats food.


So, Sorry to see the end of an era for for your store. Fish, 55 gal.,equipment, puppy dog, food, treats, toys, food, for my dog, and cat – throughout the years. Great advise, always pleasant and helpful nice Intelligent people. Mo ed away, started a pet business, should’ve linked up with them maybe I could of helped online and business wise. I’m very Sorry to see you go and wish nothing but blessings and the best for you and yours . MKG JUST ADD WATER, SOLD IT, starting a new one, it’s in the game. One door closed another opens.


Wish you the best guys! The only petshop that carried one of the best foods in Jackson Hgts, Elmhurst Queens – Orijen and many more products than Petland.
I remember first shopping there when I was 10 yrs old (many yrs ago) and bringing in my pup to buy him treats just 6 yrs ago.
Time does change and it accelerates fast if we don’t appreciate what we have.


….stupid hipsters. There’s already a Starbucks just around the corner and Boston Market is dead.


Sorry to them losing their business but finally another pet store shut down. these animals were not kept in good condition and I remember them periodically having puppies in less than ideal conditions. the fish tanks were cool, but overall glad to see a place like this gone.

Corrine white

Wow – the end of an era for me. Fish, birds, toys for my cats and dogs – throughout the years. Always had handy advise, always pleasant and helpful no matter what. So sorry to see you go and wish nothing but the best for you.

Juan Verdad

When a business is no longer viable, the market sends a signal, this signal is called losses. If the owner knows how to read these signals, he will either change the business model or close so that the space is used by another business that better serves the market.


LIKE DUH DOT…… food can be HEAVY and you need car to carry it in……Not to mention aquariums toys etc….so force everyone to go to strip mall with parking by towing cars


If you need a car to transport a bag of petfood G*d help you all when SHTF and most of you will be clueless.


We are so sadden by this closure! We’ve been shopping here for years and have witnessed the struggle. I do hope their next adventure brings them much joy. Also, this strip doesn’t not need another restaurant.


Good! Stop making money with those poor animals! All living creatures are meant to be free.

Jackson Heights aH

Immigrants have pets you racist f. They been raising animals even before Europeans invaded.

In summary

TL;DR: paying rent NYC on a store to sell the occasional catnip mouse is not a sustainable business model.

The DOT plan is to blame, but ending the program magically doesn’t end the blame because…reasons.

One thing’s for sure, everyone is to blame but the business owners.

Fred Sanders

Thanks for your service to Jackson Heights and Elmhurst. You were my first pet store when I was 12, so many years ago.


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