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Elmhurst medical marijuana dispensary now making home deliveries


April 24, 2017 By Hannah Wulkan

An Elmhurst medical marijuana dispensary began making home deliveries last week.

The dispensary, called Vireo Health of New York at 89-55 Queens Boulevard, first opened in January, and kicked off the first home delivery program in the state on Friday.

Vireo Health is one of only five licensed dispensaries in the state, and the home delivery program will allow homebound patients to receive medical marijuana delivered to their door.

“Day-in and day-out our goal at Vireo Health of New York is to provide the best possible care and service to our patients,” said Dr. Stephen Dahmer, Vireo Health’s Chief Medical Officer. “Home delivery will not only help us to improve upon current services, but also expand our reach to those patients who are unable to travel.

Deliveries are currently available throughout Queens, as well as in Brooklyn, Nassau, West Suffolk and Central Suffolk counties, but will soon be expanded to Westchester County, The Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island. The company also hopes to eventually expand to other areas of the State as well.

To ensure the safety of deliveries, all will be handled by two Vireo employees, and will have security measures such as GPS tracking.

“New Yorkers have increasingly come to expect home delivery and we plan on leveraging ‘last mile’ supply chain technologies to meet and exceed patient expectations,” said Ari Hoffnung, CEO of Vireo Health of New York. “We are grateful to the State’s public health and safety officials for their help making this Compassion Care Act program a reality.”

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Get out of the way

Anonymous- what rock do you live under, how could you not know someone who has access to marijuana . Everyone smokes or knows someone who smokes. Its impossible not to know someone.


“Those type of people”????
Your probably a drunken coke snorter who hangs out in those bars on Roosevelt ave. “Those people” , you have a lot of nerve


What if you don’t have any connections or don’t want to relate with those type of people?

Jamal cherry

Im sorry, HERNIATION, not germination, damn spell check, or maybe it was the marijuana

Jamal cherry

James Chen, all due respect, your crazy. I smoked pot for the 25 years and it never ever killed any pain. Got me stoned, but never killed pain. Help me sleep, helped nausea, helped me relax. It’s better than alcohol. Alcohol makes people sloppy ,violent, weed mellows you but does not kill pain. With that said I guess that’s me, meds affect everyone differently. I have several DISC germination in my neck, I have 2 KNEE replacements and severe migraines, the oxycodone doesn’t wipe my pain out, but it definitely controls my pain where I can at least function. I brought this up to my doctor and he prescribed me Xanax. But said if you test positive for marijuana, no more oxycodone. This to me makes no sense. Marijuana shouldn’t be considered illicit . If it is an illicit, it shouldn’t be prescribed so instead of living in pain, I stopped the marijuana. But to say you don’t need both and then have a powerful narcotic like Xanax in place of the marijuana is just plain confusing to me, like your comment


This is so funny, there’s a dispensary on every block in queens. Everyone has weed nowaday


How come my doctor prescribed me medical marijuana, then when I tested positive for marijuana he took away my prescription for oxycodone?

James Chen

You shouldn’t be taking both at the same time, they’re providing the same effect expect the THC is not addicting

James Chen

You don’t need to be taking both at they provide the same effect expect medical marijuana is not addictive.


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