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Eight Spots Taken in Jackson Heights for Carshare Pilot, Signs Go Up

77th Street and 35th Avenue (QueensPost)

June 11, 2018 By Christian Murray

The city has set aside eight public parking spaces in Jackson Heights for a car-sharing program that launched last week.

The eight parking spots are in four locations and are reserved for the Department of Transportation’s car-share pilot that began on June 4. The pilot program will last for two years.

Jackson Heights is one of 14 citywide areas that will see a total of 230 on-street parking spaces taken for the pilot, which involves customers paying to use a car from either Enterprise or Zipcar for short-term use. Drivers who park their non-carshare vehicle in a car-share site will be subject to fines and towing, the city said.

The eight spots reserved in Jackson Heights are for Zipcar only.  The four locations—with two spaces reserved at each—are located at the corner of 77th Street and 35th Avenue; 86th Street and 34 Avenue; 90th Street and 34th Avenue; and 89th Street and 37th Avenue.

Signs have gone up in the neighborhood making clear which spaces are for car-share vehicles. The signs state they are for ZipCar vehicles.

In addition to off-street parking, the city is also dedicating a total of 55 parking spaces at 17 DOT municipal parking sites in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens. None of these spots are in Jackson Heights.

The city is also including some parking spots at NYCHA developments in the pilot program, with Zipcar teaming up with NYCHA to provide housing residents with a no-fee service for one year.

IDNYC cardholders also have access to a complimentary one year-membership to Zipcar, which includes a waived application fee and driving discounts.

In all, about 309 parking spaces will be dedicated to car sharing in the two-year pilot. Both companies are each paying a paltry $765 a year for access to all the off-street parking spots, and the regular fee for municipal spots.

The city said it is launching the pilot as a way to see if car sharing can relieve traffic congestion and provide a reliable and affordable travel alternative for New Yorkers living in transit deserts.

“For every vehicle in a car-share program, up to twenty households can forgo the need to own a car, fighting congestion and making our air cleaner,” Mayor de Blasio said in a statement last month.

To use the car-share service in this pilot, customers can apply directly to Zipcar and/or Enterprise CarShare for membership. Pricing is between $8 to $18 the hour, with membership fees between $40 to $70 a year, the city said.

For more information on the pilot, include where the car-sharing sites are, visit the DOT’s CarShare portal.

77th Street and 35th Avenue (QueensPost)

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Now let’s see how many important and enshrined civil servants will park in these spots. No doubt they’ll go penalty, fine and ticket free by displaying their (I’m more important than you) windshield placards.

Richie V The Rabid Activist

Very curious spot
selection …

Notice …
No spots below
76th street

Why ?

Because below 76th
is outside the hoity
toity Historic District

Never fails

Below 76th street
always gets the

Has for years…
No, decades

Expand the District

Stop the Polarization

Unite Jackson Hts

Richie V
The Rabid Activist
of J Hts

Jacob White

I suspect they were selecting areas further from train stations. Below 76th is very close to many train options.

Richie V The Rabid Activist

Nothing to do with

If that was the case, they’d
mostly be on the other
side of Northern

This is alllllllllllll about
the hoity toity Co-op and
Condo owners that have
more influence

Jacob White

The truth is that population density drops off considerably north of Northern Blvd. translation: more room for cars and cheaper parking up there. While you may harbor disdain for coop owners, you ignore the fact that the majority in the historic district are renters not owners.

Richie V The Rabid Activist

No disdain for
the Hoity Toities

The Fact is that
the Historic District
gets more attention
from all Resources

Less missing trees
Less grafitti
More Citi Benches
More Link NYCs
More repaved roads

How else do you
explain the Mess
below 76th street ?

Below 76th :
More traffic
More noise
More air pollution
More litter
More Grafitti
Less trees
etc…etc ..

I’ve been in J Hts
38 years.
… I’ve lived through
the disparity !
Richie V
The Rabid Activist
of Jackson Hts


finally. some rational use to curb space being used. too many fat cats hogging the curb with personal vehicles. get a garage or move to long island.


WHY are nycha residents getting a discount? Aren’t they getting a HUGE discount on housing already?? Zipcar: NYCHA residents First-year membership costs are waived and receive $20 in driving credit; a one-time $25.00 application fee still applies. NYCHA resident members will be offered a discounted $15.00 annual membership fee thereafter. NYCHA resident members using Zipcars on NYCHA properties receive an additional discounted driving rate of $1-off per hour


Add that to all the new buildings planned for construction around the neighborhood , driving & parking is going to be a nightmare.


Why are citizens giving up public parking spaces for private for profit companies? The one easy way to alleviate parking problems is to charge more for parking 25 cents for 15 minutes is too cheap for parking in NYC. They need to charge $1 for 15 minutes and you’ll see turnover of parking spaces galore. The wear and tear on NYC streets should be captured via parking revenue. It costs $3 million a mile to repave a road.

Jacob White

This is a great idea. Car sharing is a great solution to solve the overpopulation of vehicles but giving oublic space to private companies is a terrible precedent. +1 for raising meter rates


Yes it is a great program to facilitate vehicles however it should not take parking spots away from tax paying residents. They should assign/reserve these spaces in the areas where it is paid parking during the daytime. Parking is tough in Jackson Heights (NYC in general) the last thing I want to do is spend an additional 30mins looking for a spot that can possibly be 5 blocks away from my home.


Easy way to fix the parking problems, raise the cost of parking to $1 per 15 minutes, you will encourage turnover.


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