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East Elmhurst Man Gets Jail Time for Groping 10- and 13-Year-Old Girls: DA


March 1, 2019 By Christian Murray

A 39-year-old East Elmhurst man was sentenced to up to two years in jail for groping two young girls in October, the Queens District Attorney’s office announced today.

Noe Angel Soriano Cruz, of 102nd Street, followed a 10-year-old girl into a bodega on 104th Street in Corona on Oct. 3 and proceeded to grab the child between her legs. The incident was captured by video surveillance.

Days later, on Oct. 9, Soriano Cruz followed a 13-year-old girl on foot on Junction Boulevard, before catching up with her and grabbing the victim’s vagina.

Soriano Cruz pleaded guilty in January to one count of first-degree attempted sexual abuse, and one count of second-degree sexual abuse.

“This kind of behavior will not be tolerated in Queens County. A stranger to the girls, he violated them for his own warped sexual gratification,” said Queens District Attorney Richard A Brown in a statement. “The sentence of the court is more than warranted as punishment for this defendant’s predatory behavior.”

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JHeights my whole life

Only 2 years in jail that’s it? 2 years for forcibly touching two little kids that’s all he gets is 2 years?

Completely false

No where there does it say 200k. If it did, that would make it 8% of the population, a very very small minority. The average in NYC is 6.3%.

So it’s SUPER unreasonable to think a large population of the Latinos in this area are illegal.

JH resident

@Completely false

Do you know how to read a chart or is that beyond your comprehension? It shows about ~200K in Queens.

Agreed, the vast majority of "Latinos" in this area are here legally

That would make it 8% of the population, The average in NYC is 6.3%. A very, very small minority.

Or, in your words, “a large population of the Latinos” haha. Just admit Trump made you afraid of brown people. Why hide your feelings?

JH resident

There shouldn’t be illegal aliens anywhere in the US. 8% is a very large population in that respect.

I’m brown myself and I’m frustrated with Latinos giving all minorities a bad name.

If you were actually from this neighborhood/area, you would realize their is a high concentration of illegal aliens here…maybe you’re one yourself?


Do you have any reason to believe he’s not a US citizen other than your blind speculative hatred?


Yeah any hispanic person living in queens must be undocumnented, right?

Trumpeters are actually gullible enough to believe that ?


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