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Design plans for Travers Park include a ‘Great Lawn’


July 20, 2015 By Michael Florio

The Parks Department revealed its design plans for Travers Park, located on 34th Ave between 77th and 79th Street, on Saturday.

The new design transforms Travers Park’s multipurpose asphalt field into a great lawn.

Concrete paths will frame the arc of the lawn (see design) and seating areas will border it. Flowering trees will surround the lawn, according to the Parks Department.

The paved multipurpose area of Travers Park has been relocated to Rory Staunton Field, an adjacent schoolyard that previously belonged to the Garden School.

The plan aims to join Travers Park, Rory Staunton Field and the 78th Street Plaza, which was closed off to vehicles in 2012, into a cohesive park/recreation space.

Councilman Daniel Dromm and other officials helped raise $6 million to purchase the schoolyard from the Garden School in 2013.

New asphalt will be put down at Staunton Field, which will be surrounded by trees to provide shade. The field will be able to accommodate tennis, kickball and other games, a parks department spokeswoman said.

To help with the cohesion of the greater space, the parks department is adding a performance space to the plaza area. The plaza can be used for theater or as seating if a stage is set up on Staunton Field.

The plaza will also receive a planting bed for seasonal flowers in the center, along with space for temporary art. There will also be new street trees added along the plaza.

The concrete sidewalk along 34th Avenue will be expanded to create an open area and to make way for the installation of benches. The Parks Department said this area will reduce congestion at the green market and provide resting and gathering spaces for users.

The Parks Department is also looking to provide multipurpose space within Travers Park, which would allow residents the opportunity to take advantage of its versatility.

“We are proposing eliminating two handball courts and creating a multipurpose area for volleyball, tricycle riding or hitting a ball against the back side of the hand ball wall,” the spokeswoman said.

The parks department also said a play area will be expanded with equipment for all age groups that will be adjacent to the spray shower.

The parks department aims to have the plans finalized by next spring.


Schematic Plan Rendering

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Eduardo lacerda

I live in JH FOR 13 years and was waiting patiently for the new park. As it is now, looks horrible and its used for just a few people who like sports and only a few months of the year when the weather allows. Two concerts. One. The great lawn. I hope some people won’t think it’s ok to play soccer or any other ball game taking over of this field, in fact I think something in the middle should be there to avoid any wrong use of this lawn. Two. Where is the dog park?? We have a huge dog population in the neighborhood and I didn’t see any space for dogs there. We should have two separated areas, small and large dogs.

Liz McArdle Pasquale

This is great news. I grew up across the street from Travers Park and during my childhood years, from 1959 through the ’60’s. I’m sure I spent more time at the park than anywhere else. The planned improvements look wonderful and I’m glad to see that children will continue to make memories here for many years to come…


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