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Cabán’s Lead Grows as Voting Machines Recounted

Tiffany Caban’s lead has grown following a recount of voting machines. (Tiffany Caban)

July 2, 2019 By Laura Hanrahan

Tiffany Cabán’s narrow lead in the Queens District Attorney race has widened by more than 100 votes as a recanvassing of voting machines from last week’s election came to a close yesterday.

Cabán has now won a total of 34,104 votes compared to Borough President Melinda Katz’s 32,905, Patch first reported, bumping up the margin to 1,199 votes.

On election night, the contentious Democratic primary stayed neck-and-neck between Katz and Cabán, with Cabán ultimately coming out on top by a margin of 1,090 votes.

While thousands of absentee ballots and affidavits have still yet to be counted, the results are not likely to change in Katz’s favor. Despite Cabán declaring victory on election night shortly after 11 p.m., Katz has not yet conceded, wanting to wait for every vote to be counted.

The remaining absentee and affidavit ballots are expected to be counted over the coming days.

The winner of the primary will go head-to-head against Republican candidate Dan Kogan, where the Democratic nominee is expected to come out on top. Kogan told the Queens Daily Eagle, however, that he would agree to step aside to allow judge Greg Lasak—who came third in the Democratic primary—to run as the GOP candidate.

Joann Ariola, chair of the Queens County Republican Party, told QNS on Thursday that they have no intention of putting anyone on the ballot besides Kogan.

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I don’t understand this: “recanvassing of voting machines”

How does one “re-count” (for a specific election) the totals from a voting machine? And can’t the totals be performed (read?) instantaneously?

If the machine is making changes upon “re-count” (whatever that means for a machine), it seems to me we have a bigger problem — that is, the tabulating software is defective.


Caban has to be careful with vote counting at Queens Board of Elections. Everyone who works there appointed or connected to Joe Crowley , who is desperate for Katz to win – he donated to her campaigns and she has done his bidding for years. Crowley’s lackeys Attorneys Sweeney Reich and Bolz “overlook” the BOE in Queens still – and spent years making sure no one got on ballot to run against Crowley – it’s the only reason Crowley stayed in office is long – if Katz mysteriously wins – it needs to be investigated closely .


Yes Joan the fix is in. An election where 10% of the eligible electorate turned out and the winner garnered 5% of her party’s vote.


This is true . Crowley is desperate for Katz to win. Crowley and his cronies had be gotten super rich , multi millionaires Sweeney Reich and Bolz by controlling courts , surrogate and more. Bolz and Reich are the only reason joe Crowley stayed in Congress so long – they control board of elections and made sure no one got on ballot to challenge untalented Crowley – AOC slipped past them as they underestimated her with their arrogance – inarticulate Crowley never stood a chance in a real debate .

If Katz wins it will due to dirty tactics directed by Crowley .


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