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Bill Requiring Car Wash Workers Earn Minimum Wage Passes Assembly and Senate

Queensboro Car Wash (Yelp)

June 7, 2019 By Max Murray

The New York State Assembly and Senate passed legislation this week that will guarantee car wash workers receive minimum wage in New York City, Westchester, Nassau, and Suffolk counties.

The bill, sponsored by Jessica Ramos in the senate, will reduce car wash workers’ dependence on tips to earn a living wage.

Under current law, car wash workers are classified as tipped workers, with the minimum wage being between $10.20 and $12.75 an hour in New York City. The assumption is that their income will be supplemented by gratuities.

The bill, which passed the Senate Wednesday and Assembly Thursday, aims to make sure that car wash workers get the full minimum wage, which will increase to $15 an hour in the City by the end of the year.

Currently, even with tips, Ramos said car wash workers often earn less than the full minimum wage, with many required to work long and irregular hours to make a living. Some car wash owners don’t pass on all the tips anyway.

“Car wash workers across Queens have been underpaid for years, and rely on tips to make their living,” Ramos, who represents Senate District 13, said. “My bill will require that car wash workers are paid the minimum wage, which means they no longer have to rely on tips.”

Ramos said that there are between 200 and 300 car wash workers in her district– which covers areas such as Elmhurst, Corona and Jackson Heights– that will benefit should her bill become law.

The bill now awaits the signature of Governor Cuomo in order to become law.

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More Trump Derangement Syndrome. Your post has nothing to do with this article or the subject of minimum wages. You seem to be obsessed (possibly possessed) with hated for President Trump, and now Fox News. You can, and should get help for this malady. If not, you may not be able to survive Trump’s second term, or Fox News superior ratings.

The "Trump Derangement Syndrome" meme never really took off huh

Still sounds forced every time a Trump Lover regurgitates it.

Surely there’s some other trite phrase that Trump tweeted once for you to parrot?

Richie V / J Hts Activist

Richie V
The Rabid Activist
of Jackson Hts
Car Wash Prices
will Riiiiiiiiiise.
Their Tips will
Layoffs will likely
be on the Horizon.
Self-Service Car Washers
will likely pop up.
More automated
Car Washes may
be designed.
Free Markets
are Best.
… not Social Engineering !
Richie V
The Rabid Activist
of Jackson Hts

Mike pegalis

So sad she doesn’t realize or care how many workers will lose their jobs… so that she can further hers!
She has no real information. Just whatever the union tells her.

JH Economist

This law will have unintended consequences. The people it intends to benefit will soon be out of work. Minimum wage laws create more unemployment. Just ask the people that have lost their jobs in the fast food industry.


JH Economist- A consumer driven market economy needs consumers with income to access the he market for goods and services other wise the government needs to provide those goods and services or they just plain do without like a third world country. A small number of poverty wage jobs lost is a small price to pay for the greater economy as a whole as been proven anywhere these wage increases have been implemented. Fox News is lying to you to give more money to its wealthy backers.

JH Economist

David – In economics there are certain laws that can’t be ignored, and the most important is the law of supply and demand. Prices and wages are determined by this law, and if a politician forces you to pay an artificial high price for a product or service, you will either stop buying that product/service or look for a substitute (in the labor market it is called firing people or automation). This is not Fox New information, it is simple economics.

All evidence says you're completely wrong

Is there any reason to believe that, or just just more blind speculation?


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