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Bicyclist Killed By Hit-and-Run Driver by LaGuardia Airport: Report

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Feb. 20, 2018 By Tara Law

A bicyclist is dead after being struck by a hit-and-run driver at LaGuardia Airport last night.

The bicyclist, a 36-year-old man, was struck around 7:20 p.m. on Marine Terminal Road and Runway Drive, an airport access road, according to a report by ABC 7. He was pronounced dead at Elmhurst Hospital.

The victim was an employee of Swiss International, an aviation services company that provides airport ground and handling services, according to ABC 7.

Runway Drive was closed temporarily for police to investigate the accident, according to the airport’s Twitter account.

Police are investigating the incident. It is unknown what type of vehicle struck the man.

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Rudy Sanfilippomm

I have been riding a bicycle in Astoria and NYC for more than 50 years. We all need to be more considerate of one another.


I have seen over and over again bicyclists not taking proper safety precautions and ignoring traffic signals, stop signs, etc… Many do not have sufficient lights and reflectors on their bicycles, they wear dark color clothing and at times are even plugged into devices such as an iPhone. Many times I see bicyclists traveling down the wrong side
of a 2 way street and down the wrong way on a one way street. If bike lanes exists on a street some ignore the bike lanes and ride outside them. Even with new street lights installed on many streets (the street lights are still not bright enough) and without reflectors, lights, etc… properly installed on their bikes and many even lacking this equipment altogether, and many not paying attention to stop lights, and signs, etc… puts both bicyclists and passengers in motor vehicles, and pedestrians at great risks. These bicyclists are straight out negligent.
Since former Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to make our city green, bicycle traffic has dramatically increased. I believe that bicyclists over the age of maybe 18 should undergo
a road safety test, pass the test and be issued a license and a plates, just like a motor vehicle and a fee be required to be paid by the bicyclist. Their license should be renewed every couple of years.
Please understand that bicyclists are not only just struck by motor vehicles, that bicyclists strike cars, other bikes, and pedestrians as well. I believe that it was Bono from U2
had a high speed crash in Central Park a few years ago. He suffered severe injuries.
I don’t recall a motor vehicle being involved.

I am not saying that the accident mentioned in the above article is the bicyclists fault.
I am only stating that some bicyclists are responsible bike riders but what I see in Astoria, other parts of Queens, and in Manhattan many bicyclists are not.
We should not place the entire blame on motor vehicle drivers.


Bicycling in NYC is dangerous because of narrow streets, and the attitude of NYC drivers thinking they don’t have to share the road with bikes. NYC should make on the street parking permit based instead of having meters, no permit, no parking. Those who disobey get their car seized, and not impounded and returned to them. The City seizes it and sells it at auction. What’s needed in this city as evidenced by today’s N train debacle is proper public transit. Vehicle owners in NYC should be required to pay a $1,000 per year license fee to drive in NYC. There’s 1.9 million registered cars in NYC out of 8.53 million people, car owners are a minority and pretty well to do. If you don’t have a garage, pay for parking off street. This would also decrease the need for cleaning streets as well. Only 22% of NYers have cars, why are we catering to that small minority.


Relax Sean. Talk your solutions through with someone else, anyone else. Ask if they make sense in the real world–like our NYC.

BTW what’s narrow about the scene of the collision?


Bicycle riding in New York City outside of parks, is extremely dangerous. End of story. Whoever buys politicians and enthusiasts silly malarkey is taking a bid on an early coffin. Very sad, and true.


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