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2 More Arrested After Fatal 90th Street Station Shooting: NYPD

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Feb. 22, 2019 Staff Report

Police have made two more arrests in the broad daylight shooting at the 90th Street station platform that saw one person die earlier this month.

Tito Martinez-Alvarenga, 19, and Victor Lopez, 20, were arrested yesterday and charged with second degree murder, gang assault, kidnapping and criminal possession of a weapon in connection to the Feb. 3 shooting at the station, according to police. Abel Mosso, 20, died after being shot at several times.

Ramiro Gutierrez, the alleged 26-year-old gunman who is believed by police to be an MS-13 member, was arrested one day after the shooting. Mosso, the victim, is also believed to be part of the 18th Street gang—a rival group.

Police say Mosso was aboard a Manhattan-bound 7 train at around 12:45 p.m. when a dispute allegedly ensued between him and Gutierrez. The dispute then turned physical when the train reached the Elmhurst station, with several people, including the additional arrested suspects, surrounding Mosso as seen in viral bystander video of the scuffle.

About five to six shots from a gun were also heard on the video.

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Criminals and illegal activity wont get protected, lets be real. People need to stop voting for Fascism and injustices, how does liberal come into play here? You make no sense.

Butter weeda and 9 trey

This is an outrage!! where is ocasio cortez and chucky schummer?? Its trumps fault!!


Dear Anonymous: why would you “highly doubt it.”? Dreamers are already criminals breaking our immigration laws. And more likely than not they are involved with some form of identity theft. Working with stolen, forged or bogus SS numbers, these are felony offenses.

ps: This story is about a homicide. Why do you label murder as just a “stupid thing…” ?


Tony, you are being racist and generalizing. If you label Dreamers as criminals then we should label all white people White Supremacist and racist Nazis. Right?
From recent evidence and facts we have seen more and more Trump aligned individuals who ARE involved in many crimes. Don’t spread hate and dont equate Dreamers with criminals this is bogus.


Dear John: Thank you, I always considerate a victory when the opposition resorts to the ad hominem.

Firstly Hispanic (or Latino if you prefer) is not a race. And, don’t use the “we” when replying, you can only speak for yourself.

As for your statement about generalizing; they are here illegally, and using the cute euphemism “Dreamers” does not change this fact. Laws are broken!

My children have dreams too. Some they will realize, some they won’t. I would not approve of any illegal activity by them to achieve their dreams. Maybe for you the ends justify the means.

Mr Kringle

From the sound of those surnames they’re definitely Norwegians. They have become a big problem in this area. They look alot like Santa always hanging out with reindeer with their carrots exposed! Always be on the lookout for them.

Pat Macnamara

Good work NYPD. Arrest the scum. Hopefully they are here illegally and can be deported. No reason for taxpayer dollars to feed and house these dirtbags in prison while they plot more mayhem on the inside. Get rid of the scum!


This is a sanctuary city. They’ll protect them. The first guy was illegal. Stop voting liberal people!


Why are there so many more downvotes? Do people prefer the neighborhood to turn into Baltimore or Chicago with constant crime and shootings from MS-13?


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