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Sammy’s Law passed: Queens leaders hail new legislation enabling NYC to lower speed limits for safer streets

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May. 1, 2024 By Ethan Marshall Queens Assemblymember Jessica González-Rojas and State Senator John Liu joined community advocates Tuesday to celebrate the passage of Sammy’s Law, a legislation that allows for New York City to determine its own speed limits, in the latest New York State budget. The legislation is meant to help reduce traffic…
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Assemblymember González-Rojas praises 2025 fiscal budget for investments in Queens communities


Apr. 26, 2024 By Ethan Marshall Queens Assemblymember Jessica González-Rojas (D-34) celebrated the passing of the New York State budget for the 2025 fiscal year, highlighting its inclusion of investments in numerous Queens neighborhoods. Many of these investments include in the budget, which was passed on Saturday, Apr. 21, will have a large impact on…
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Op-ed: Sammy’s Law must pass this year – A legislator’s personal encounter

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Mar. 21, 2024 By New York State Assemblymember Jessica González-Rojas It could have been anyone, but on January 4th, it was me. One second I was crossing 35th Avenue in Jackson Heights to meet friends for dinner, my feet between two white stripes of the crosswalk, and the next, I was lying on the ground, my arm throbbing and my knees scraped. I’d done everything “right”: waiting until I had the right-of-way, carefully crossing, watching for cars – but in the end it didn’t matter. A driver still hit me, throwing my body to the pavement. The crash left me…
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